What doctor was the most helpful for your disability approval?

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  1. Kit Cat

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    hello dear health rising friends,

    My apologies I feel I am probably posting this in the wrong place.

    In any case, I am trying to collect answers to this question:

    What doctor was most helpful when you applied for disability?

    Here's the list I have so far, and I would love to add more names:


    The list is in the US, but I can certainly add in responses from other countries as well.

    Would love to hear back from anyone here. Feel free to pm me or comment below.


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  2. GG

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    Applied for disability or getting it approved?

    I would think the 2 day CPET testing as done by Workwell Foundation would be very definitive to show your/our incapacitation!


    This testing is also done in Ithaca, NY by Dr. Betsy Keller and think wherever Dr. Nancy Klimas is now, does the testing as well?

  3. Kit Cat

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    thank you GG.