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What Does Space Travel Have in Common with ME/CFS?

Discussion in 'Mast Cell and Histamine' started by CJB, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. CJB

    CJB Well-Known Member

    I can almost always be sure that pretty much everyone on the planet knows about stuff before I do, so I will not be surprised if this has been discussed before, especially since the article I'm quoting came out well over a year ago.

    I am a huge Scott Kelly fan. He spent a year in space at considerable short- and long-term risk to his own health in a study that also did extensive testing on his twin brother (also an astronaut -- check out the picture of the two of them when they were little boys) who remained on Earth. But will science untangle the mechanism behind his strange symptoms upon his return to earth -- which look like some blend of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome/Disease and Orthostatic Intolerance with some other stuff thrown in.

    Here's the article.

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  2. GrammaLinda

    GrammaLinda New Member

    Fascinating excerpt.

    I can certainly empathize with some of his symptoms. Some days, when I can be out of house, I have to bend over and look at the changing surfaces before I can take a step or two. And the vertigo and eye issues.

    I particularly feel his pain concerning what should I do when I feel this bad. First thoughts are going to the ER, then realizing nobody there will understand.
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