What's Up With the ME/CFS Research Centers?

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  1. Cort

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    According to a source :))) the NIH has made a decision on the three ME/CFS research centers. In fact, they made it about a week ago but no announcements have been made. I don't know if something remains to be done or if the wait is due to something else.

    I've communicated with people associated with five of the ten research center proposals. All five were astonished at their poor scores. None of them thought they would be funded. At least three had already moved on and assumed that they wouldn't get funded. Two of them wondered if any of the proposals were scored well enough to get funded by the NIH. Most of them had received NIH funding in the past - they weren't amateurs.

    I put in an Freedom of Information act proposal to try and get the scores.

    The NIH needs to make this announcement soon as the next opportunity for grant applications comes up in October and the unfunded Centers need the time to turn their research center application into a grant application for single research efforts.

    The next CFS SEP grant review meeting should be an important one. It should receive lots of applications.

    The ten research center applications were from

    Ron Davis - OMF / Stanford
    Jose Montoya - Stanford
    Maureen Hanson - Cornell
    Derya Unutmaz - Jackson Labs
    Vince Lombardi - NVCBR
    Nancy Klimas - Nova
    Ian Lipkin - CII
    Dane Cook
    A sleep researcher in Boston
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    I hope we get something In the middle of US. Plp have to travel so far!
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  3. Cort

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    I was talking to somebody and they said - one on the West Coast, one on the East coast and something in between.
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    Oh god please not Montoya...
  5. Cort

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    Now that would be a surprise. We shall see though.