Will 2016 Finally be Montoya's Year? Taking Stock of the Stanford ME/CFS Initiative


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Hi Cort, I've been seeing Dr. Kaufman for 8 months now. I'm having a wonderful (although we all know, probably temporary) month long remission of most symptoms since my last visit with him in June using 3g Famvir, 200 mg Celebrex, herbal antibiotics for the SIBO, t3/t4, dexamethasone, h1/h2 blockers, ketotifen, supplements (many), and a Cefaly device for migraines/trigemiinal/fibro pain. I am supposed to start IgG and Valcyte for many reactivated herpes types and/or antibiotics for bartonella in September.

By contrast, Stanford had me only on 1 g Famvir and they did not want to prescribe Celebrex despite my request (they gave me LDN, but I'm COMT++ and MAO+/- and it aggravated psych symptoms... they also use Colchicine but Jane did not suggest that one for me for some reason).

I've been sick for almost 5 years, but Kaufman thinks I have had CVID my whole life, and I agree. I had my first bout of ME in 2001 after influenza A followed by aseptic meningitis (recovered fully in a year and exercised for 10 years before experiencing more severe and persistent ME in early 2012, following a viral infection and temporary paralysis... both times, Kaufman thought EBV, and, in the most recent episode, other infectious agents, reactivated).
I hear really good things about Dr. Kaufman. Interesting that he's using something similar to Dr. Pridgen's formula for FM. It looks like he's got you on quite a package with more to come - good luck and please keep us posted. I hope the remission stick!

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