XMRV in Iranian HIV


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Thanks for posting! I keep having the nagging feeling that the truth on this matter of retroviruses may be stranger than we expect. After 20 years of thinking I had a structural problem/ injury ( neck/pelvis) I have been diagnosed with 5 chronic bacterial/viral infections. My immune system is crashed. What a shock!

Wouldn't be surprised if the footprint of our basic problem leads to human tinkering with viruses. God Speed the Iranians - great people!!


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Thanks for the link. I read Judy Mikovitz's book recently and sat on the couch saying, "oh my God." ( tho I am not religious) It is a little hard for me to evaluate the detailed aspects of retroviral detection - my concentration/ brain power is low, despite my background. But, honestly, I think Judy is an honest and talented researcher.

So, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. Beat that one with surgery and radiation. Now, he is diagnosed with chronic B cell lymphoma. My son had some kind of autistic Spectrum thing going on as a boy of age 5 to 10. All of this started in 1986 with some powerful viral illness. So, we all had some unusual virus in the Later 1980s. Husband developed an odd, undiagnosable dysautonomia with episodic severe cold sweats and very low temperature - like 96 degrees. Better after 8 years or so.

So what happened in the very late 1970s and 1980s? Anthony Komaroff has mentioned that he saw very few cases of CFS/ FM until the late 70s. Then the whole thing snowballed with more and more cases in the 1980s.
Yes the Iranians found xmrv on a crucial part of the xmrvMLV molecule

Great paper
Many controls

What a mess by Coffin and Lipkin and Fauci
Great article.
definitely this is the Result of an infectious disease, beyond any resanoble doubt, resulting in an immune deficiency.
when people hear immune deficiency they think of AIDS and people dying" mistake "
many people with hiv are heathy carriers that will never develope immune deficiency ( AIDS) why???
its not becouse the strain they have is diferent " its becouse their immune system is healthy and strong , their antiviral RnaseL antiviral is strong, exactly thesame thing happen to most of the population that get a virus like EBV, CMV, ,HSV1,2,VZS,HHV6...if your immune system is strong with strong RnaseL antiviral and healthy strong nk cell funtion ( CD56) is the answere... viral in signaling immune response them you have no problem, but if this part is impaired very much anything can cause me/cfs, not just me/cfs but other the diseases, mostly auto immune, neuro immune..this proof that you don't need HIV to develope an immune deficiency , if this part of your immune system is impaired defective the NK cells, the RnaseL antivirals thru a defective methyliation , and a low Cd56 funtion almost any virus can damage your cells, hhv6 can deplete cd4 lynphocytes just as much as hiv does, CMV, EBV.. once they enter the cell the all replicate un check, they pass to organs, to the peripheral nervous system. central nervous system causing all this inflamation that we see in me/cfs and all others neuro immune disease & auto immune disease, the inate immune system(nk cells cd56 bright) don't do the correct signaling so when the adaptive immune system kicks in to clear inflection already colonized in organs etc cause all this ineffective cytokine storm and all the inflamation.
This is the reason why the associate sooooo many pathogens to me/cfs but can not define one as the cause and still a multisytemic disease with out a single cause( the underlaying cause is the problem )
this is an infectious disease from whatever angle you look at it.
Im not sure if its Mikovits xmrv( mlv) related gamma retrovirus or a BLV delta Retrovirus or another Retrovirus.
but 100% this is a transmisible infectious disease most likely a Retrovitus.

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