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Just got this email about the alcohol study....(I am too old for it! sigh...I'm also the wrong gender (lol))

We are currently conducting a research study at UAB and are recruiting
healthy women who were born in 1961-1963 or 1974-1976, and are under 56
years of age.

This research study aims to better understand how alcohol affects the immune
system in people with fibromyalgia. We will ask you to drink a small amount
of alcohol so that we can assess its effect on markers of immune activity.
You will be asked to come to UAB 3 times over 3 weeks.

There will be 1 telephone screening, 1 eligibility screening, 1 experimental session & 1
follow-up session.

If you are eligible to participate in this study, you
will be compensated up to $350. ($25/eligibility screen; $300/experimental
session; $25/follow up session). Participants must be: female; healthy; aged
55 or less and born in 1961-1963 or 1974-1976; not pregnant or currently
planning to become pregnant; without any significant medical conditions such
as heart disease; not using any opioid medication or have a history of
alcohol dependence.

To find out more about this study, please call
205-530-8006 or email
Hmmmm. I got this info, too, but there’s no way I could/would participate. My response to alcohol is severe. Last time I had a few sips I was literally bed bound in my worst condition for several weeks. I really thought I had done myself in. There’s no way I’ll ever try any alcohol again.

I say all that to say this: I don’t think they’ll get us severe responders to participate and they might not get an accurate picture???

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