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Crash / Flare Busters For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Hip and the ME/CFS/FM communities provide possible ways of reducing crashes and flares

  1. Seanko
    Thanks for that Cort. I started using some of the supplements name checked by Hip after reading research from Robert Naviaux, Dikoma Shungu and Fluge & Mella.

    Fluge & Mella suggested L-arginine but l-citrulline creates fewer digestive probelms and has a linger half life as it is broken down by teh kidneys to l-arginine which then converted to notric oxide which widens the blodd vessels.

    Dikoma Shungu has trialled patients on 1000mg N-acetylcysteine and had good effects. (I have too). I wrote a page on it on MEpedia, which has links to the relevaqnt study and other resources.

    Robert Naviuax in his groundbreaking metabolomics study noted that patients (especially men) had depleted BCAAs. There is also evidence that Amino Acids are burned by the body instead of glucose due to metabolic problems.
  2. Zapped
    IMO, good information based on science, along with details and specific ingredients - with purchasing sources and expected costs.