Direct to Consumer Testing sites - some local, some online

It is now possible to request many important blood tests wihtout a doctor's prescription.

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    During my own research into my health I was surprised and pleased to find many online and local direct to consumer labs that willl perform blood tests and screenings for almost anything you can imagine. Hepatitis panels that include all 3 types, thyroid levels as detailed as you want, celiac tests including genetic testing, often for less than $100 each, although many of the tests I want cost around $400, for instance a 500-item allergy panel that uses ex-vivo blood responses to determine if you react on a cellular level to potential allergens.

    These tests can open the door to conversations with your doctor even if you don't have insurance, or if you prefer not to wait until a doctor orders a test. Many of the ones with a local presence act as a general health screening center and can offer helpful services like B-12 shots.If a lab is online only, they will give you instructions for having blood drawn. Be careful and confirm the cost before you have blood drawn! If you can, use the local labs and be sure you understand the pricing.

    As far as I know, these are only present in the USA, but other countries may have different companies offering these services.

    Please feel free to comment and add to this list, and to identify direct to consumer labs in other countries.
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