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Epsom Salts, Pain Reduction and Sleep in Fibromyalgia

Basic and cheap remedy can help

  1. Cort
    Epsom salts are cheap and easy to use. Simply spread them in your bathwater before bed some say and you'll be repaid with less achy muscles and better sleep. Could it be so easy?

    Dr. Teitelbaum has long advocated the use of Epsom salts in the bath to increase magnesium levels, calm the body down and help with sleep and pain.

    Encouragingly a study is underway to assess how effective Epsom salts are in FM.

    Check out this article by Emaxx health on how FM salts can be an inexpensive help for FM (and ME/CFS). Every little bit counts.

    On the other Paul Ingraham presents a skeptical point of view.

    In his long blog he examines every claim made for Epsom salts and just cannot figure out a way that Epsom salts might work. Check his blog out here.

    There's certainly no harm in trying though.