Epsom Salts, Pain Reduction and Sleep in Fibromyalgia

Resource Epsom Salts, Pain Reduction and Sleep in Fibromyalgia


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Epsom Salts, Pain Reduction and Sleep in Fibromyalgia - Basic remedy getting some study

Dr. Teitelbaum has long advocated the use of Epsom salts in the bath to increase magnesium levels, calm the body down and help with sleep and pain.

Encouragingly a study is underway to assess how effective Epsom salts are in FM.

Check out this article by Emaxx health on how FM salts can be an inexpensive help for FM (and ME/CFS). Every little bit counts.

Patients and doctors have previously reported that they noticed a reduction in symptoms after using Epsom salt because of the...

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an interesting article. It is a little surprising that there are few studies on this - but not very because epsoms salts can't be patented and therefore there is no commercial interest in studying it. Might make a nice little research project for a student though.

Personally I think I find some benefit from using epsom salts and no, I don't think it's just soaking longer. It's not a major benefit but when I had severe facial pain it took the edge of it. That was enough to make the difference between please kill me I can't stand it and I can wait and hope it goes/ the painkillers I'm stuffed with start to work. I don't have a scientific explanation for this but I've never subscribed to theories about toxins or osmosis. However I was willing to keep an open mind and try it. If something helps it's worth doing.

I only care about the lack of scientific study of this because if they could figure out how it helps some of us they might be able to enhance the effect. But if science proved it was entirely a placebo effect who cares, it's still a pain reduction. I also sleep better if I use it before bed.

There is the odd study around showing that people with ME are deficient in magnesium. The sceptic has found one study showing that magnesium applied in a bath is being absorbed. You have little to use but your pain as it's not an expensive remedy.


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Woke up thinking about this and realised it's actually a good example of what is wrong with medical research. Patients have for years been saying that something helps. Scientists say but it couldn't possibly help so dont study it. One breaks ranks and does and finds that actually maybe we still dont understand fully how the body works. Does that lead to other scientists following up - does it heck! Lets not admit that maybe we aren't perfect and that we may have got something wrong. We certainly cant admit that we should ever listen to patients.

Will increasing your blood magnesium level reduce pain? Just a few studies to suggest it might



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Cort submitted a new resource:

Epsom Salts, Pain Reduction and Sleep in Fibromyalgia - Basic remedy getting some study

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Interesting I love Epsom salts and eucalyptus oil baths when I am really in a bad way as a last resort. I don't enjoy baths because when we built this home I had to downgrade from garden to regular tub and our Water Heater isn't as big. Our friend who has MS has an outdoor in ground pool that she doesn't chlorinate but uses a mixture of salts to keep water healthy.

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