How to use Medical Marijuana Without Getting High by Donna Gregory Burch

How to use Medical Marijuana Without Getting High by Donna Gregory Burch

I think you did a great job covering this extensive, illegal(in most places), and not giving medical advice. That's the clincher when you talk to people like us about a treatment, though benign, it's unorthodox and illegal. So we can only go on what we know thus far. Whether DEA, Congress, or States want to recognize it, yes marijuana is more effective in pain relief than opiates, because it's stress relief, muscle relaxation, neuralgia pain relief, migraine relief and pain relief. Yes there is some down time with a euphoric feeling. Lie down, read a positive book, pray, meditate, take some you time. Opiates modify our moods, also. We shouldn't operate machinery or drive under the influence of opiates. This subject is a thesis. My goodness all because someone might take a puff too many enjoy themselves and giggle! Someone call the Joy Gestapo, someone might crack a smile!
I imagine that it's difficult to write an informative article about how to experiment with marijuana, since it's illegal in most of the US. But the title grabbed my attention, and I was hopeful.

The how-to information is 'needs more research.' I clicked on Project CBD, and it lists dispensaries that pay a fee to be on the website, but whose products are not vetted.

I gave this 2 stars because the advice to start at a high CBD: THC ratio and then increase THC is interesting. Although it's confounded by the statement shortly after that "You want to get as much THC as you can...." There's no discussion about how we could do this.
Great coverage on MM. I do take nabilone (cesamet) a cannibinoid, but am curious to know how a combo with THC would work but scared to try as the MM shops here (BC) are also not regulated.

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