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I've suffered CFS for years and fibro for the past few. Insomnia has been a thorn in my side for the past 20. Lately, it seems nothing helps. I was doing herbals and aminos but 2018 my stress went through the roof and they stopped working. The only thing I have left at the moment (although I'm working on rebuilding my health) is Trazadone and alcohol. Last night I finally increased the Trazadone to 150 mg and felt sleepy.

However I awoke after a few hours wide awake. BP and respiration elevated with palpitations as usual these days. Several months ago I figured out it's cortisol off balance. Seriphos doesn't seem to work. I tried Cort's TENS earpiece and it does help somewhat :) although I feel the lower frequencies work best for me. They calm me and ease shakiness and nausea, but don't relax me enough to make me drowsy.

So, I tried breathing exercises but no dice. I noticed my feet were hot. My feet usually are hot when I have trouble sleeping, which has been well over 20 yrs now. I've mentioned this to lots of people, even medicos, and nobody sees any connection. So anyways, strapping a cold pack to the bottoms of my feet used to do the trick. Last night, this had no effect. As a last ditch effort, I slid one cold pack (I own 4) under my neck on the right side- side sleeper here. My heart calmed down within a minute or so. I removed the cold pack and almost immediately my heart was pounding again. Put the cold pack back and voila, heart calmed down again.

Now I'm laying all this out because I'm wondering if there are connections. Is there some meridian on the feet that relieves stress? Now using tVNS on the right side is considered a bad idea because it can cause arrhythmia, but what about the cold pack? Did I inadvertently stimulate the right vagus nerve and bring HRV into balance again?

I know I'm a noob here, but I've researched almost every remedy there is out there. Been there, done that. So far the only things I have yet to try are cranial and whole body PEMF. I'd like to see if maybe we can start a discussion and share experiences.
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