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The MAST Flow App: Staying On Course Through the Difficult Times

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Looks like a great way to stay on course through the hard times:

From the website:

MastFlow is a tool to help you stay on course in all the areas of life that matter to you most. The app helps ensure you nurture the seven key areas of life that will most impact your joy, prosperity, relationships and well-being. Empower yourself to be clear and make choices that are authentic to you.

The MastFlow App has been designed to help you be your own life coach by: Having clear intentions, setting goals, taking action on them and inputting them into a calendar. This entails you taking responsibility for the life you want.

Just as other apps may tell you the temperature, time or how much money is in your bank account, MastFlow helps you to see how you are doing in allocating your time and energy to Self-Awareness, Health, Giving, Career, Relationships, Money and Self-Care.

To realize any goal, be it, fitness or cultivating a fulfilling love life, we need to bring our awareness to it and keep tabs if our actions are in line with our thoughts. Think of MastFlow as a Life-Fitness Tracker that will allow you to see at a-glance where you want and need to focus more time and energy.

The Wheel will help you prioritize and balance these seven areas of your life. First you will identify your top three Core Values, such as: Being authentic, Grateful and Courageous, amongst others. At each opening of the app, there is a chance for self inquiry to check in an see how your are truly being.

The app will guide you to create an action plan to help you realize your goals: from when, with whom, where, what. By inputting information into a calendar and getting reminders, this will hold you on track. This will give you an easy-to-follow picture of your overall life.


Goal's that are achieved are then marked 'done' and are visible in the section of things you are grateful for. Focusing on what you are thankful for fosters contentment in the present moment.


With each spin of the wheel, you receive an inspirational message. You can use these as a daily affirmation to help you feel inspired and in tune with your heart's priorities.

By focusing on the positive and what is missing for a balanced life, you can bring to fruition endless possibilities and empower yourself and others. Transformation can then take place for you in any area.

Once you put your action plan into place and complete goals: They will go into "Grateful for" and be listed under "All your goals . " This gives you easy access to view your overall life.

It has a Health Section as well as self-care, money, career, etc. sections

Health is the number one area in life. Without good health it can feel like a struggle to thrive. Deep down we all know what supports our optimum health: a healthy diet, cooking at home, eating out less, meditation, exercise, drinking enough water, time in nature and getting enough sleep are all key to our well being.

Awareness of our mental and emotional habits can help us to make more mindful choices. Our health is influenced by our personal choices and our environment. What we put in and on our body influences the way we feel and live. The foods we ingest can fuel or deplete our bodies.
MastFlow helps you map and be aware of how you're treating your health, and inspire you to live your priorities.

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