1. C

    Safe exercise for ME/CFS?

    I’m looking for a short (no more than 20 minutes) exercise program, preferably a video, that would be safe for ME/CFS. Can anyone recommend a program, maybe Pilates, yoga, or tai chi? I walk a slow mile a day but at 73 am losing muscle and feeling weak. I’d be grateful for any suggestions.
  2. J

    Thoughts on Nancy Klimas ‘anti-exercise’ exercise protocol?

    After being couchbound for 6 months, I’ve been on Mestinon for a few weeks now with good results - I am hopeful that I can start slowly (SLOWLY) building back movement & strength. I’ve been reading up on exercising with CFS & POTS, and am curious about the Klimas protocol where you go super slow...
  3. Cort

    Heart Rate Monitor Program Improves Heart Function in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patient

    Staci Stevens was shocked to find, when she returned a year later, that a heart rate monitor program which keep her patient's heart rate under her anaerobic threshold actually improved her hearts functioning (as well as her fitness and well-being) over time. Check out what happened here
  4. Cort

    The Great NIH Exercise Initiative: A Boon for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia?

    “This physical activity initiative aims to fundamentally change our understanding of what happens to the body on the molecular level when we exercise,” said James M. Anderson, M.D., Ph.D. In Part II of a three-part look at recent major NIH efforts that may significantly impact chronic fatigue...
  5. Cort

    The Case for Exercise Induced Damage in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    From the Webpage: Test for Post-Exertional NeuroImmune Exhaustion (PENE) & Post Exercise Malaise, and Muscle Weakness tests. Scientific and Medical Evidence - Listing of Research conducted worldwide section : Effects of Exercise Muscle damage Cardiac and Vascular and Blood vessel problems...
  6. Cort

    The Weirdiness of Walking and Exercise

    So once again I walked too far with the dogs. Once again I congratulated myself on my good walk and my improvement only to get whacked the next day (and now the next day)... The weird thing about the pain that shows up is that it's not in my legs - which after all did the walking - it's more...
  7. Cort

    Have Doctors Gone Too Far on Exercise For Fibromyalgia?

    There is no question that physical exercise can be helpful in fibromyalgia. It's generally described a "first-line treatment for FM; i.e. it's the first treatment doctors often prescribe. Exercise is almost certainly the best studied treatment option for FM. Dozens and dozens of studies have...

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