1. B

    Irregular sleep-wake patterns

    One of the greatest (if not the greatest) problems I've been having since the beginning of cfs but never posted about it is never knowing how much sleep and how much awake time would I need any day...So some days I would sleep for 8 hours, some over 15; sometimes I would have to nap a few hours...
  2. N

    Symptom concern

    Hi I’m having the most frightening symptom at the moment and wandered if anyone can help. In getting like short shock waves going through my head every time I moves my eyes or turn my head it is also making my lips tingle when it happens. This started mildly then has intensified when I...
  3. C

    Can I give blood?

    I was sat here thinking what I can actually do to help others. I've donated blood once before but that was before M.E/C.F.S. Does anyone know if I can still give blood? Also before M.E/C.F.S I had glandular fever. Does that mean I should never have given blood? I was never tested to see if...
  4. S

    Complex motor stereotypy

    Hi all, obviously not cfs/me related but i was wondering if anyone knows of or had experience of motor stereotypy? My friends daughter has been diagnosed but there's very little information on it and we were wondering if her bad sleep/no sleep could be related to that or a separate issue. Any...

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