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NZ Ann

I’m having the most frightening symptom at the moment and wandered if anyone can help.
In getting like short shock waves going through my head every time I moves my eyes or turn my head it is also making my lips tingle when it happens. This started mildly then has intensified when I accidentally went over my energy threshold and I have now crashed as well as this new bizarre symptom. I’m not well enough to get to the Doctor and don’t want to go to ED.
My blood pressure and temperature is normal and my balance is ok.
There has been no change in medication
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I deal with "brain zaps" too. The first place I'd look is to make sure it's not a sign of imbalanced meds. Brain zaps are a common side-effect of reducing anti-depressant doses (especially SNRIs). But I have found changes in any GABA regulating drug can trigger them. Sometimes I can't determine the triggers, and some days are worse than others. Lack of rest doesn't help.

They do tend to combine with head movements, eye movements, etc -- and they are no fun. They are either a facet of this disease (for some of us) or they are a facet of attempting to treat the disease. Either way, something in the brain seems to get out of balance.


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Sometimes I will get similar experience from too much reading, i.e. using eyes. There can also be ‘floaters,’ but lip tingling is not familiar. This could otherwise be from eye stressing and pushing the envelope and your brain is objecting in a unique manner?


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I am certainly not a doctor so please take what I say as just my experience.. I used to get little shocklike thingies too and after a long long me I was told I had chiari malformation... A mild case, but I try not to move my neck in certain ways.. Tried physical therapy but made it worse.. I hope you find help.. Good luck!

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