immune system

  1. Master4thDegree

    How I put ME/CFS into remission and why Stanford is listening...

    For those who watch the 2018 Standford Symposium, you will see how they corroborate my anecdotal claims. I am collaborating with Dr. Phair (last speaker at symposium). See all the details at and you too might have the worst days behind you, and the best days to come as is my...
  2. Issie

    Protomyxzoa Rheumatica = Mold/Fungus --Gene defect and lack of a protein Dr Fry, Doctor/bioscientist - who found Protomyzoa Rehumatica - now has determined it's a type of mold/fungus. (We found it in my thyroid biopsy.) He just got a peer reviewed paper in Pubmed. He has determined that with us, who have issues with it...
  3. J William M Tweedie

    Research to be Monitored Closely

    Human Vaccines Project, VUMC and Illumina team up to decipher genetic underpinnings of immune system The Human Vaccines Project and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) today announced that they joined forces with Illumina, Inc., to decipher the human immunome, the genetic underpinnings...
  4. L

    Immune System function depends on genetics - new study

    This study is hot off the press. The gist is that our immune system function is dependent on our genetics... Genetic Architecture of the Immune System Hoping that this catches the eye of ME/CFS researchers...

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