How I put ME/CFS into remission and why Stanford is listening...

For those who watch the 2018 Standford Symposium, you will see how they corroborate my anecdotal claims. I am collaborating with Dr. Phair (last speaker at symposium). See all the details at and you too might have the worst days behind you, and the best days to come as is my life currently.

Comment on site or contact me from there if you have any questions. Not just help, but recovery.


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Thanks for sharing your story. I have been in a relapse, so missed listening to parts of the symposium this time.... Can find only Dr. Davis' address on the OMF Youtube channel. Do you know where we can listen/watch Dr. Phair's presentation?
It will eventually be made available on Youtube. Currently not there yet though.

The Dr. Phair presentation will be very vague and unhelpful unless you have studied in depth methylation and enzematic production of metabolites, hormones, neuro-chemicalls (transmitters) and much more. He will not offer you a solution, yet that solution does exist.

I will be going over how to "read between the lines" in his presentation for those to want to get a jump start. I would call his work phase II of our protocol and have collaborated with him about how his work is putting the cart before the horse. The horse being our digestive issues.

It is my opinion that fixing methylation before fixing the gut microbiome would be like treating cancer without removing massive tumor first. It just will come back.

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