1. D

    Healing Leaky Gut

    Hey Everyone, Has anybody had any luck with healing leaky gut? I suspect it’s a big issue of mine and I’ve been following a gut healing protocol for a while now and I’m seeing good results but was wondering if anybody more experienced can give me any extra advice. Currently I follow a...
  2. Stoo Brown

    Poo Transplant resolved my ME :-) 1

    I am a 53 year-old white British male living in Scotland. I had ME for ten years. Initially it was mild (although severe during relapses) and I was able to do quite a lot - although I had to retire from work. After about five or six years the ME got gradually worse and on average my ME would...
  3. Master4thDegree

    How I put ME/CFS into remission and why Stanford is listening...

    For those who watch the 2018 Standford Symposium, you will see how they corroborate my anecdotal claims. I am collaborating with Dr. Phair (last speaker at symposium). See all the details at Our2ndBrain.com and you too might have the worst days behind you, and the best days to come as is my...
  4. Master4thDegree

    How I put ME/CFS into remission....& even better

    Our stories leading up to ME/CFS and while battling it have some remarkable similarities. Yet due to subcategories of this illness, many of us fail to respond to treatments that work for others, and in fact some of us may get worse. The science behind ME/CFS is indeed still in it's infancy...
  5. Cort

    Making Your Gut Flora Bloom? The 2nd Microbiome Summit is Here

    We just saw pretty definitive evidence that the gut flora in ME/CFS patients is off. With all the gut complaints in fibromyalgia, it's a pretty good bet that the gut flora in FM is off as well. We're not able yet to give targeted prescriptions to improve the gut flora in either disease, but gut...

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