The Remission Biome Project happened to me


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Wanted to share a breakthrough that was coincidentally similar to a recent post here regarding the use of amoxicillin and probiotics to “remodel the gut” - The Remission Biome Project.
Before New Years this year I had an infection in my jaw/sinus cavity which first precipitated a trip to my endodontist. She recommended an antibiotic first (amoxicillin 200 x 21) and then wait and see if it improves. It did improve until the last day when it erupted in overwhelming pain. An emergency room scan showed an active infection and I was rxed amoxicillin 875/125 for a week after and waited for a dental appointment. I then had a root canal and was rxed amoxicillin 500 x 21 for another week. Throughout this time and after I supplemented with daily probiotics.
Needless to say, by the end of this journey my gut was thoroughly ravaged. What happened after I started getting back to somewhat normal was that I was plunged into phenomenal “regularly“ like I had not experienced in many years. This has continued to today in a nearly unbroken chain. For me this is next to miraculous.
I have always blamed my past overuse of antibiotics for gut dysbiosis, but in this case they caused a dramatic change. I would not recommend or wish this exact experience on anyone, but at least for now I have relief. Hopefully it will continue and I’m cautiously optimistic. It will be great if the research can find a formula to bring improvements for others.

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