1. Kiahuna

    The Remission Biome Project happened to me

    Wanted to share a breakthrough that was coincidentally similar to a recent post here regarding the use of amoxicillin and probiotics to “remodel the gut” - The Remission Biome Project. Before New Years this year I had an infection in my jaw/sinus cavity which first precipitated a trip to my...
  2. B

    CFS and getting out of the comfort zone

    I'm wondering...where is the limit between stepping out of our comfort zones and pushing too much to make our cfs worse or even getting into vicious circle of pushing-crashing and resting-feeling better-pushing again and never really getting better? Seems like I've done the first and I always...
  3. C

    Struggles in Faith

    I'm 24 and have had CFS for 2 years. The improvement in the last 6 months has been amazing. Everything is slowly but surely improving. But one thing that I seemed to have left behind is my faith. I have been brought up in a Christian household. Throughout my childhood and teenage years I went...
  4. ShyestofFlies

    Poll Do you want to get better? The question unbelievers never seem to ask people with ME/CFS.

    After yet another accusatory paper or article sometimes I wonder about this question. I know what our answer will be as a whole community, but I'd like to see it put to a vote. It is much easier to accuse a group of people with an illness of not wanting to get better if you never ask them and...
  5. Victor Maalouf

    What progress looks like

    Hello again everyone. I posted my theory on how CFS/ME, Fibro, Lyme, etc works earlier this year. Since then I've just been working and progressing through my own recovery. I recorded myself during a recent "flu-like illness" period over several weeks and what it was like working through that...
  6. Cort

    The Flu That Never Ends Finally Does for Heather

    My recommendation to anyone out there struggling with CFS is to first, be kind and patient with yourself. Check out Dr. Lerner's Diagnostic Protocol here and his entire Treatment Protocol here.

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