Protomyxzoa Rheumatica = Mold/Fungus --Gene defect and lack of a protein

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    Dr Fry, Doctor/bioscientist - who found Protomyzoa Rehumatica - now has determined it's a type of mold/fungus. (We found it in my thyroid biopsy.) He just got a peer reviewed paper in Pubmed. He has determined that with us, who have issues with it, there is a genetic flaw and we don't have a certain protein to break this mold down. It can cause tumors, cancer, atherosclerosis and a host of other issues. He is going to stop seeing patients and go into lab only, for now, to try to develop a protein for us to use so our immune system will keep it in check. It will probably be a number of years before that will be available.

    I asked him what in the meantime. He said to keep with my herbs. I seem to have it under control. But we are going to see if an antifungal may help more. He has found using an antifungal along with Doxycycoline gives his best results.

    Exciting times ahead. I stick to what I've been saying forever --- Genetics/Epigenetics, autoimmune and inflammation. If we could get that "fixed" we'd be "Healed".

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    This is huge! If this is a cause of plaque and cancer - figuring out a "fix" is major. In those of us with faulty blood flow, could this be a cause? In POTS some feel CCVSI and clogging of that vein can be part of the problem. It may explain why some have issues and others don't. If it's truly a genetic flaw and inability to detect or breakdown of these organisms - it explains so much.

    For now, using antifungal (Lamisil, Diflucan and others) along with Doxycycoline is proving to be the best results. I'm however doing it with herbs. I no longer herx with Doxycycoline or any of my herbs. He feels I have it pretty much under control for now. This also explains, for me, when I had my mold exposure why I had such issues and such a hard time getting it killed. (@Lissa, @Cort) My body doesn't make the protein and it takes hold and causes so much sickness.
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    Interesting...Anything that can interrupt blood flow would be a candidate for ME/CFS IMHO. I hope he can continue to research this further.
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    That's his intention. This could be huge! If we can use something to either form this protein or take it directly - it could help all sorts of illness if this is "the" cause. I know it's in my body and in my organs. It was there before I ever had the environmental mold exposure, my thyroid tumors have been there for more years and last year had increased. He also found this in a prostate biopsy and in plaque pulled from a heart bypass. I wonder since I've been working on mold, whether my thyroid tumors will be better? That would be wonderful!!!

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    On a blog site of other patients I listed my supplements that I'm using as it seems I have things tamed down (at the moment), I'll list it here in case something may help others that maybe only sees this thread.
    Also I found an old write up of one of the docs who promotes Supreme Nutrition (he does Applied Kinesiology). He spoke to Dr Fry years ago and listed some supplements that he tested on some of Dr Fry's patients and it got strong response. I did this with a trial and error approach and came down to some of the exact supplements that I stay on. Here's my list and his paper.
    Another forum asked me to list what I'm using. I've been doing major detox for about 3 years now after environmental mold exposure. Since we don't have Dr Fry any more maybe some of my alternative things, that have helped me, will help others. This could be wayyyy wrong for some of you. Educate yourself on things before attempting to "cure" yourself.

    I also have done parasite cleanses with both meds and herbals and use D Earth and Takesumi coconut charcoal to aid detox and binding. (I now do 2 cleanses a year and start 2 days before full moon.)

    I distill my water and use Himalayan salt to add my minerals back. I drink about a gallon of water a day.

    I mostly use Supreme Nutrition products as my herbs. I’ll list them, but this won’t be right for everyone. Some of these have mold and parasite clearing actions. Others for thinning blood.
    Supreme Nutrition products:
    LuRong – a form of glucosamine helps pain

    I use enzymes to help with inflammation and to thin blood – also helps breakdown biofilm:
    Repair by Enzymedica
    Vascuzyme by Empirical Labs

    Fish oils and DHA from plant source also helps not only with pain – but brain function.

    Things to help with acetylcholine:
    Huperzine A in am
    CDP Choline in pm
    Gota kola in am
    Pregnenolone 10 MG – can be upped to 30 MG if needed – I do better on lower
    Cruciferous vegetables with DIM in am – Life Extension

    I take some other vitamins and minerals – but not daily. D3, MethylFolate, magnesium, zinc.

    Another help for energy and general sense of well being:
    Jiaogulan – I use Majestic herbs brand

    I also use Milk Thistle and drink lemon water to help with liver function and parsley to help with kidney function and that also has Luteloin that helps with allergies.

    I rotate things and give breaks as necessary. You can build a tolerance and they will stop working.

    I also address known methylation issues. But have been able to get off alot of these as I must have things working better and don’t seem to need them. (Molybedum, yucca, methyl B12, Methyl Folate, P5P, R5P)

    I add turmeric, ginger and cinnamon to my coffee with full fat coconut milk and stevia. This helps pain, helps manage protozoa and parasites, can kill cancer, helps manage mold/bacteria and taste good. I intermittent fast with this as my morning source of energy. It will get you through the morning.

    I maintain thyroid health with Kelp and selenium.

    Blood sugar balance – occasionally GTF chromium.

    Rotate nightly probiotics:
    Prescription Assist

    I try to use alternative treatments first. But there are times when medicines are necessary. I don’t use all of these at once. But rotate between them and I don’t use everything every day.

    There have been many more trials on things that didn’t work out. These are the things that seem to work for me, at this moment in time. Things change and will become unnecessary. Pay attention to your body and decide if you are having a herx or a full out allergy. Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better. Don’t throw away things – you may come back to them later.

    I usully don’t list what I use as what works for me may be wayyyyyy wrong for someone else. But, here it is – maybe it will give some other alternatives.
    Supreme Nutrition has a very good write up of their products. You can read and get a sense what is right for you. Try to not use more than 5 herbs at a time. Have to be careful with what you combine. I order from a guy on eBay – his store name is jankdc.
    I was able to get a direct link to Supreme Nutrition on eBay - guy I order from.

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    Something I discovered - the hard way - I can NOT take anything from an algae. The vegan DHA was, as was Chlorella (made me throw up.) Dr Fry mentioned to me, today, that it could potentially be an issue --- I had already figured that out.

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    Thanks for sharing all this, @Issie!
    I use Lauricidin and EnzyPerfect and they work well for me to keep critters calmed down.

    Is there a blood test for the genetic defect you found that you have?
    If Dr. Fry's solution is a protein that we are missing, that sounds like it might be the same thing as a peptide, which I've seen people writing about.
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    There is a blood test his lab can do to detect what mold, bacteria and protozoa you may have in your blood. (I'm sure he can check a biopsy too - mine was a thyroid biopsy.) In a few weeks, there will be much more info on his website. He gave me a preview of the slides and info. It's really amazing and will open testing up for so many more things and make it better available. As for a genetic test, not yet.....he is working on it.
    As for a peptide, which one? I guess I've missed that discussion.
    I have another visit with him this coming week, hope to get a little more info.
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    I figured out Huperzine A Can build up and start backfiring. It needs to be cycled and not used daily.
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    Also appears that if you up acetylcholine too much it causes more histamine. Not a good thing for those of us with Mast Cell issues. Fine line between having better brain function and creating a "mast cell attack".
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    Okay, just back from seeing Dr Fry for the last time before he retires from seeing patients. :( He feels this mold/fungus is what's creating most of my issues. It is similar to Valley Fever and goes everywhere into every organ. He is treating with Doxycycoline and Diflucan.

    His research has found that magnesium, most B vitamins (including Methyl Folate --- only safe one is B12), and Fish Oils feed it. May be why I have more thyroid tumors, as I had started using those things. He said to be careful of minerals too. But didn't tell me to stop taking zinc or chromium - so hope those are okay. Only use a few times a week.

    He feels I didn't herx with the Doxy the last time because of the magnesium. It's obvious I have issues. Feet were purple in his office and he pointed this out to me. Brain fog is awful. He said I'm not getting good enough blood flow or oxygen. So making changes. He really feels being as close to vegan is better. But I felt like adding meat back a few times a week gave me more muscle strength.
    So there's the update.
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    OMG. I watched quite a few of patient interviews at Dr. Ron Sponaugle's site. He is a Florida anaesthesiologist who is treating people like us. Interesting. He says the brain must be treated first - how ???? Also, he comments that the people having these problems tend to be blond/ red hair with light eyes. Also, he thinks part of the problem genetic lack of D2 ( dopamine ) receptors. A number of patients commented that they had many months of antibiotic treatment, etc and didn't get well. But got well with Sponaugle.

    I just don't know.

    Your feet were purple !!!! Raynaud's ???
    So, I am about ready to step into the swamp - with a naturopath. Supplements, doxycline, IVs. Etc. Sure yeast will be a problem. At least my board certified infectious disease MD is on board.

    My current diagnoses ( ha ! Have to keep checking because list is too long) : chronic active Lyme ( CDC criteria), high Mycoplasma antibodies, high EBV IGG Early antigen D, plus high EBV IGG capsid/nuclear antigens, high Cytomegaloviral antigens, high HHV 6 IGG, high IGG and IGA to Chlamydophila pneumoniae.

    So, who the $&)(/ knows if these are past infections or currently active? Though the Lyme seems fairly certain. Had a tick bite in Virginia in 2010 with funny , almost bullseye, rash. Calif. doctor didn't recognize significance.
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    I'm ash blond/blue eyed.
    Dr. FRY is doing research exclusively now. But you can have him do your mold/fungal checks through his lab. He will talk directly to your doctor.
    If you have the mold/fungus I have... he says Doxy by itself won't work. It has to be a combination of Doxy and antifungal. He recommended Diflucan for me. But that requires a liver Check every 4 weeks and a careful observance for any liver or kidney issues from the antifungal.
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    Yes, Sponaugle discusses Protomyzoa. Gee, haven't been tested for that one yet. Ha!! Thanks for sharing your detailed supplements etc.
    how well are you compared to before finding this program?

    All these organisms - crazy. Wonder how many have been bioengineered? I read research articles about EBV as a possible biowarfare agent. What else?
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    Me too - ash blond( with many red heads in family) , green eyes. Keep wondering if RhD neg blood (me, My Mom and Dad, my son) is higher in our group, as well as left handedness.

    Thank you again. Hugs and Blessings as you travel this path.
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    @Merida , I'm better than I have been in awhile. Messed myself up trying the Huperzine A. Appears too much choline creates more histamine and it activated my mast cell syndrome that activated my POTS.. not a happy camper.
    I'm bummed out, I thought my MRI of brain and ultrasound of thyroid would come back better - not worse. Having to get my head around that and regroup. I think I have to hit the detox harder.
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