Protomyxzoa Rheumatica = Mold/Fungus --Gene defect and lack of a protein


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I'm thinking I'm going the herbal route and not do Doxy or antifungals, after watching this. Need to hit cleanses harder. Rebuild gut flora, not break it down more. That will help immune system to be stronger.



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Thanks, interesting! it seems that this all depends on our immune system, and what is keeping it from clearing these organisms. Ron Spanougle ( MD in Florida) says that the brain must be treated first. I could not find his protocol, but it involves IV nutrients etc. Look at his patient interviews on You Tube. I just don't know.


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Yes, it all boils down to autoimmune and inflammation.
If you find it, please post.
Note the other thread as to what I found feeds mold/fungus. Dr Fry lead me right on that. Wish I had known sooner.


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Dr Fry, Doctor/bioscientist - who found Protomyzoa Rehumatica - now has determined it's a type of mold/fungus. (We found it in my thyroid biopsy.) He just got a peer reviewed paper in Pubmed. He has determined that with us, who have issues with it, there is a genetic flaw and we don't have a certain protein to break this mold down. It can cause tumors, cancer, atherosclerosis and a host of other issues. He is going to stop seeing patients and go into lab only, for now, to try to develop a protein for us to use so our immune system will keep it in check. It will probably be a number of years before that will be available.

I asked him what in the meantime. He said to keep with my herbs. I seem to have it under control. But we are going to see if an antifungal may help more. He has found using an antifungal along with Doxycycoline gives his best results.

Exciting times ahead. I stick to what I've been saying forever --- Genetics/Epigenetics, autoimmune and inflammation. If we could get that "fixed" we'd be "Healed".

Thanks for the info!!
I have had my ins and outs with Fry and Protomoxzoa, due to always reading balanced writers pro and con. Could not argue with results though and the Dr. M who
incorporated ivermectin for protomoxzoa had successes with so many resistant Bartonella patients. If the FL1953/protomoxzoa is a fungus does this mean that ivermectin acted on the fungus? Or is there some other mechanism involved?
But again, maybe ivermectin is good for debilitating fungus as well as parasites?
Well this is exciting, and I am so glad he got a peer reviewed paper in, we all know this adds creds.
And the fungal/cancer hypothesis has been around for Quite Some Time! epigentics/genetics/ auto immune and inflammation You really said it all in very few words. Thanks for posting! BTW which herbs are you using? I am a non practicing herbalist

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