Dr Stephen Fry and protozoa - my life is greatly improving


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I knowwwwww.......I'm trying to find the articles he was referring to. Maybe you can help me search. It goes against everything I read about fish oil and magnesium.
He did say the only reason I would need folate is if my hemocysteine is high. He said be off a week and retest. That's for my MTHFR.. BUT he said if my hemocysteine levels are okay - my body is compensating for the mutation.



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I found this on magnesium.
Most Lyme docs debate calcium vs magnesium as the primary feed for biofilm. Dr. Fry has said his research shows it is magnesium. But I've also heard other Lyme docs say what this guy said about the benefit of magnesium vs biofilm. But biofilm encases and is a shield of what is in it. Makes it harder for what you are trying to use to eliminate it can get to it or not.

Also this article talks about fats helping biofilm be stronger and Dr Fry for sure doesn't believe in a high fat diet or oils. So that may be where the fish oils come in. He wants all his patients to be vegan and is in the court with those that promote it in the strictest way. I did it and advocated it for 3 years. I got benefit from it and reversed stage 3 chronic kidney disease to stage 2. But it was hard and in the end my muscle strength got pretty bad. I wasn't eating enough plant proteins. And because of all the fruits - my chlosterol and triglycerides went up. They are normal now with less fruit and juices. I felt I had to add back organic sources of meat a few times a week. Also added organic eggs, butter and coconut milk with full fat. That being said -----I'm not doing well again. So maybe the diet was helping.

I'm still looking for scientific journals of what was said.
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Even though he is retiring from seeing patients - he still has the lab and you can do the test for all the molds and protozoa. His focus is research now.


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Here's my routine for now 5/2017:
I don't usually list what I use - but if Dr Fry is no longer available to us patients - maybe this would help others.

In addition, I did a lot of cleanses with anti parasite meds/herbals. (Now do 2 times a year starting 2 days before full moon.) I used D Earth to help detox/shred parasites and help clean intestine. Used Takesumi coconut charcoal as a binder.

I also distill my water and use Himalayan salt to add my minerals back. I drink about a gallon a day.

I mostly use Supreme Nutrition products as my herbs. I’ll list them, but this won’t be right for everyone. Some of these have mold and parasite clearing actions. Others for thinning blood.

Supreme Nutrition products:
LuRong – a form of glucosamine helps pain

I use enzymes to help with inflammation and to thin blood – also helps breakdown biofilm:
Repair by Enzymedica
Vascuzyme by Empirical Labs

Fish oils and DHA from plant source also helps not only with pain – but brain function.

Things to help with acetylcholine:
Huperzine A in am
CDP Choline in pm
Gota kola in am
Pregnenolone 10 MG – can be upped to 30 MG if needed – I do better on lower
Cruciferous vegetables with DIM in am – Life Extension

I take some other vitamins and minerals – but not daily. D3, MethylFolate, magnesium, zinc.

Another help for energy and general sense of well being:
Jiaogulan – I use Majestic herbs brand

I also use Milk Thistle and drink lemon water to help with liver function and parsley to help with kidney function and that also has Luteloin that helps with allergies.

I rotate things and give breaks as necessary. You can build a tolerance and they will stop working.

I also address known methylation issues. But have been able to get off alot of these as I must have things working better and don’t seem to need them. (Molybedum, yucca, methyl B12, Methyl Folate, P5P, R5P)

I add turmeric, ginger and cinnamon to my coffee with lots of full fat coconut milk and stevia. This helps pain, helps manage protozoa and parasites, can kill cancer, helps manage mold/bacteria and taste good. I intermittent fast with this as my morning source of energy. It will get you through the morning.

I maintain thyroid health with Kelp and selenium.

Blood sugar balance – occasionally GTF chromium.

Rotate nightly probiotics:
Prescription Assist

I try to use alternative treatents first. But there are times when medicines are necessary. I don’t use all of these at once. But rotate between them and I don’t use everything every day.

There have been many more trials on things that didn’t work out. These are the things that seem to work for me, at this moment in time. Things change and will become unnecessary. Pay attention to your body and decide if you are having a herx or a full out allergy. Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better. Don’t throw away things – you may come back to them later.

I usully don’t list what I use as what works for me may be wayyyyyy wrong for someone else. But, here it is – maybe it will give some other alternatives.

Supreme Nutrition has a very good write up of their products. You can read and get a sense what is right for you. Try to not use more than 5 herbs at a time. Have to be careful with what you combine. I order from a guy on eBay – his store name is jankdc.

(If I forgot something - I'll add it later.)

Don't know if you saw my porphyria post. Some herxing may actually be due to excessive porphyrins - incomplete heme products from liver issues or enzyme issues that interfere with the production of hemoglobin - a very intense ATP use pathway. Well, all indications are that I threw off a lot of porphyrins ( which are neurotoxic) several weeks ago - related to big B vitamin doses???

Had 2 very deep red brown urines - with odd precipitate when refrigerated. Did not turn purple in sunlight, but just deep red brown. Liver/kidneys are fine. Trying to get this tested, but no one knows about porphyins here?????


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Yes, remember I referred you to research I did on it. Need to make sure you don't have too much copper to zinc ratio. Trudy Scott was the first person I heard about it from. Do a search on her and you will find a lot of info.


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This is a great video on mold. Shows more natural ways to get rid of it. I'm thinking of not going back on Doxy or antifungal and just detox more and incorporate more herbals in.


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I have to give the credit of this find to Ken L. Thanks Ken!!! This is on fish oil. Appears all 3 things I was told to get off of would play a part in fugus/mold.
Concentration of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid in an arachidonic acid-producing fungus, Mortierella alpina 1S-4, grown with fish oil

Dietary supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid, but not with eicosapentaenoic acid, reduces host resistance to fungal infection in mice http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304416503001363

Makes me rethink what I thought I knew. I've often said that a concentrated, extracted substance - is a medicine. It doesn't have all the assistors that a whole food has in proper ratios. We may be imbalancing something in a negative way with the myriad of things we do - trying to find help for ourselves. Who knows what the combination is doing. Probably if we concentrate on a whole food, as organic as possible diet and maybe enzymes - we may be better off. Unless, we have a known deficiency. Or, are treating something specific with herbs - that are in their whole form.

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