1. Not dead yet!

    Fever has a useful purpose

    The body uses fever to increase the immune response and reduce cytokine production. During the Covid-19 (Sars Cov-2) worldwide emergency, Dr. John Campbell (retired ER nurse, for over 40 years) provided daily updates on the virus, and took time to also explore how fever / body temperature...
  2. Vansails

    acute infection causing ME relapse

    New user please have patience ! I recently had pneumonia which i suspect i got after ankle surgery. Im in and out of hospitals a lot and exposed to infection. I was unwell for about a month before pneumonia and am two weeks in recovery since diagnosis. One week post antibiotic therapy with...
  3. Not dead yet!

    If handwashing worked it would've worked already.

    In today's news of the wierd, a 5 pronged approach is being touted to save us from 'superbugs' - but first of all the only superbug they mention is MRSA, and their advice will lead to more chronic infections, especially of Lyme which has to be treated early to significantly reduce the chance of...
  4. Not dead yet!

    Not the first time I'm thinking it might be fallout (as in nuke).

    So I'm happily or limpingly going through life and stumbled on this, Studies carried out by the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) in 2003 reported no evidence of raised childhood cancer in general around nuclear power...
  5. Not dead yet!

    Date syrup effective against resistant Staph aureus

    I've been working on gluten free baking. I may end up going back to lower carbs eventually, but I'm thinking lifelong, so I want to have the skills to bake safely for holidays. One of the ideas I like a lot is using syrup instead of granulated sugar in baking. It's simple to make and I was...
  6. Cort

    Are Alzheimer's (and other Neuroimmune Diseases) Caused by Infection?

    The hypothesis suggests that even a mild infection could result in Alzheimer's. The scenario goes like this: some pathogen (a virus, bacteria or fungi) sneaks into the brain through leaky blood-brain barrier. The immune cells in the brain surround the pathogen and block it by building a protein...

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