1. R

    Anticholinergic Syndrome matches our symptoms remarkably. Is CFS/ME a low Acetylcholine issue? 10 Symptoms listed below. Including PEM!

    Anyone supplementing with Phosphatidyl Choline? Symptoms of Anticholinergic Syndrome: From: “1. “Brain Fog”, Poor Short-Term Memory: Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter needed by the neurons of the brain to communicate with...
  2. J

    Thoughts on Nancy Klimas ‘anti-exercise’ exercise protocol?

    After being couchbound for 6 months, I’ve been on Mestinon for a few weeks now with good results - I am hopeful that I can start slowly (SLOWLY) building back movement & strength. I’ve been reading up on exercising with CFS & POTS, and am curious about the Klimas protocol where you go super slow...
  3. TracyD

    What's your first/last sign of PEM?

    To put my data-science lessons to work, I'm trying to develop an early-warning system for PEM. I would appreciate others' input: For some of us, there's a delay between overexertion (or whatever the trigger is) and the onset of full PEM. In my case, it's often 36-48 hours before the huge...
  4. TJ_Fitz

    Smart exertion pacing with Polar Beat app EnergyPointer feature

    I like to go out for a walk most days to get in some exercise, but as you know, even walking can bring on PEM. I've found a nice little tool to help me avoid this that I'd like to share here. It's called "EnergyPointer", and it's an upgrade feature you can purchase for the Polar Beat app. Polar...
  5. Vansails

    dr chheda skype appointment and introduction

    hello everyone I've been reading this site for many years and want to introduce my story and ask for help with ideas for treatment, research relevant to my case, medication that may help me, and anything else people would like to comment on. the more info the better, especially around...
  6. Cort

    The Case for Exercise Induced Damage in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    From the Webpage: Test for Post-Exertional NeuroImmune Exhaustion (PENE) & Post Exercise Malaise, and Muscle Weakness tests. Scientific and Medical Evidence - Listing of Research conducted worldwide section : Effects of Exercise Muscle damage Cardiac and Vascular and Blood vessel problems...

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