1. Cort

    Research Director Zaher Nahle Leaves Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI)

    In something of a shocker, Zaher Nahle has left the SMCI. Given the emphasis the SMCI places on research, this is a major change for the organization. With his background in research, non-profits and the Kennedy School of Government, Zahle was an unusual blend of activist/researcher. From...
  2. Cort

    A Entire State Goes "M.E." in Congressional Breakthrough

    Nevada Goes "M.E." An entire state goes "ME". That's never happened before. Courtney Miller of Simmaron, Emily Taylor of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, MEAction and the USAWG worked together to enroll the entire Nevada Congressional delegation to put its total support behind increased funding...
  3. Cort

    The Time is N.O.W. - National Women's Advocacy Organization Joins the Fight for ME/CFS

    This one action demonstrates why it's so important to have a full-time professional advocate for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The National Organization for Women (N.O.W.) is not a small organization; it has 550 chapters in all 50 states. It's a natural ally for a disease that's a)...
  4. Cort

    NIH Director Pushes ME/CFS as Advocates Press Politicians

    The Bad News - the President's budget proposal asks for massive potential cuts at the biggest medical research funder on the planet - just as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) research was finally gaining some momentum. If any diseases get cut at the NIH it's probably going to be those like...
  5. Cort

    SMCI Asks Senate Health/Labor Chairman To Remove CBT From CDC Recommendations

    Nice letter from SMCI - From the Letter. Whole Letter Attached
  6. Cort

    Zaher Nahle and Mady Hornig SMCI Webinars Promise Much

    The Zaher Nahle Webinar - The SMCI just funded as interesting a series of studies as I can remember, including one on Jarred Younger's brain inflammation studies, a metabolomics study involving Chris Armstrong, an autoimmune study, an NK cell study examining NK cell energetics as a diagnostic...
  7. Cort

    SMCI Launches Metabolomics Study

    I've never seen an area of research expand so fast. The SMCI is launching what appears to be a quite comprehensive metabolomics study with Maureen Hanson and Dr. Levine. These multiple studies - coming from Naviaux, Ron Davis/OMF, Lipkin, McGregor/Armstrong, Fluge/Mella and now SMCI and Hanson -...

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