Research Director Zaher Nahle Leaves Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI)

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    In something of a shocker, Zaher Nahle has left the SMCI. Given the emphasis the SMCI places on research, this is a major change for the organization.

    With his background in research, non-profits and the Kennedy School of Government, Zahle was an unusual blend of activist/researcher.

    From the outside the program seemed to be going well. With the creation of the Ramsay Award program, Nahle revamped the SMCI's research program. Instead of larger grant awards provided every couple of years, smaller research grant awards were given more frequently. The more nimble approach had it's dangers - less oversight and less money for each project - but it appeared to be funding some exciting projects.

    Nahle also involved the SMCI in collaborations with the new NIH research centers and created the new PEER patient registry.

    After a rather short 2 1/2 year stay as scientific officer, though, Zaher Nahle has left the SMCI and the group is once again looking for a new scientific director. No reasons were given for his departure.
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    Not sure if I should like or not like that. Interpret my "like" to mean, thanks for telling us about it. :)
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