Zaher Nahle and Mady Hornig SMCI Webinars Promise Much


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The Zaher Nahle Webinar - The SMCI just funded as interesting a series of studies as I can remember, including one on Jarred Younger's brain inflammation studies, a metabolomics study involving Chris Armstrong, an autoimmune study, an NK cell study examining NK cell energetics as a diagnostic tool involving Isabel Barao of Simmaron, and an HHV-6 mitochondrial study.

[bimg=fright|no-lightbox][/bimg]The tie that binds several of these together is cellular energetics and the mitochondria - a pretty darn timely topic. Check these studies out here.

The Mady Hornig Webinar - Then, in a special treat - I think this webinar was recently added - Mady Hornig will speak in a date to be announced about a topic to be announced. We pretty much know what that means: Mady Hornig and Ian Lipkin have something to tell us! They have at least three studies under publication, none of which showed up at the IACFS/ME Conferences. We will apparently be hearing about them here.


Zaher's webinar is on the 15th. Check them out here and sign up below using the Click to Register button. (I can't believe I was able to paste into the post and it still works...)

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Progress and Challenges in ME/CFS

This webinar will be led by our own Zaher Nahle, PhD, MPA, vice president for research and scientific programs at Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

Date TBD
Presentation Topic to Be Announced Soon

This webinar will be led by Mady Hornig, MA, MD, director of translational research at the Center for Infection and Immunity and associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center’s Mailman School of Public Health.
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