1. T

    Valcyte - European Clinics Help!

    Dear Community, I am new to this forum and have been led here by desperation and need. I have been bedridden for over one and a half year now and I am getting worse by the day. I have seen and heard a lot of great things of the drug Valcyte (Valganciclovir) and I have been searching for a...
  2. Cort

    A Decades Long Struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Ends

    When I was 35 yr. old, I felt like I was 60. Now that I am in my 60's, I feel like I am in my 30's. I lost 25 years of my life to this illness. I hope this story will tell others the success I am having and that they can find a hope. Check out Dr. Lerner's Diagnostic Protocol here and his...
  3. Cort

    Renee Can't Exercise But Otherwise Has A Normal Life

    I am tuned in to my body’s limitations now, and honor myself when I detect the beginning of fatigue ... Dr. Lerner’s work has made it possible for me to live a relatively normal life. Check out Dr. Lerner's Diagnostic Protocol here and his entire Treatment Protocol here.
  4. Cort

    Dr. Lerner's Testing Protocol

    From the Website: After nearly 20 years in academia, Dr. Lerner began an Internal Medicine and Infectious diseases practice in 1982. His background was Infectious Diseases, particularly viral diseases, and he was aware of virus induced heart disease, having studied this in his university...

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