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What a fantastic resource. I would just like to add my story of what worked for me. In a sleep lab I was diagnosed with sleep apnea......after a few years and several changes according to my latest sleep study I no longer have it. Here is what helped me and may work for others:
  • a device called "Good Morning Snore Solutions" from www.goodmorningsnoresolution.com It pulls the tongue forward so that it won't block the airway while you sleep. It is not guaranteed for sleep apnea but for snoring. It worked for me for both! There is a similar product called Aveo. It pulls the tongue out further, but is not so comfortable for my mouth.
  • Sleep Right Breathing Aid available at some stores and on amazon.... works great for me and better than other products I've tried to open the nasal pasages. There is something similar I found marketed for athletes to get more oxygen. That works too....can't recall the name of it, however.
  • Xlear spray for nasal congestion
  • guaifenesin
  • sleeping on my side rather than my back
  • and Low Dose Naltrexone has also helped.....not sure why.

Jane Abernathy

New Member
Can you get a good night's sleep, i.e. 8 to 9 hours of solid, deep, regenerative sleep if you take a sleep med? Like Lunesta? or others? I was told that sleep meds do not let you get to that stage of sleep.

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