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    “If you don’t get a good nights sleep you’re not going to get well. It really is that simple”. Dr. Murphee

    The First Symptom

    ME/CFS and FM doctors agree that getting as good a night’s sleep as possible is essential for improving your health.

    Dr. Bested, an ME/CFS/FM practitioner asserts that “improving sleep, even a little, can make a tremendous difference to a person’s […] quality of life”.

    “The most effective way to eliminate fatigue and pain in CFS/FMS is to get eight to nine hours of solid, deep sleep each night on a regular basis.” Dr. Teitelbaum
    Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are not sleep disorders and improving your sleep will not cure them but getting better sleep will help you feel better (and vice versa).

    Studies indicated that just a few nights of poor sleep result in increased sensitivity to pain and increased fatigue – two key elements of ME/CFS and FM.

    Plus studies suggest that up to 20% of ME/CFS patients may not have ME/CFS at all, but an identifiable and treatable sleep disorder that could be uncovered during a sleep study. Eighty percent of people with the most common sleep disorder - sleep apnea - undiagnosed.

    Learning About Sleep

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Sleep Research
    Sleep apnea - can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness and cognitive problems as well as affect the heart and other organs. It is largely undiagnosed.
    Getting Better Sleep - Treatments


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    Tools For Better Sleep

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    Tracking Your Sleep
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  1. Greg Zanchelli
    Greg Zanchelli
    Fantastic and comprehensive. A good mix of scientific and patient experience, ideal for anybody suffering from sleep issues and/or fatigue.
    1. Cort
      Author's Response
      Thanks Greg!
  2. Katie
    This is a very comprehensive over-view on sleep issues for those with ME/CFS/FM. Not just over-viewing sleep but providing many resources for treatments for better sleep. Excellent resource.
    1. Cort
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      Thanks Katie!