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    I did go to an IV Vitamin C clinic, but they gave me an awful vibe of being "new at this" and also I just don't think they care about this very much. The doctor was really good, but I sensed this cynicism in the people there. So I will probably look into another place which requires travel and lots of planning but that's what they focus on. When I find a good one I'll say so. It's possible this place just had a bad week, but I don't think so. It was the same feeling like the one I get in some hairdressers, I just KNOW they dissected everything about me the moment I left. Blah.

    Anyway, there is a lot in this article below that I wish I had known ahead of time. If you're also considering this treatment, might be worth a look. It's free to download full text.


    I'm cheering for Puerto Rico, this article is awesome. :cool:
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    I know a member of another support group who did IV C and she recommended the supplier McGuff............no preservatives and source not from corn. Her Dr. had to order it special I think. She recommended drinking a lot of fluids before and after and also to eat before , during and after infusion as it can shift blood sugar levels. I think they gave her first dose at 13 gms over 1.5 hours to see how she would react. Her second dose was 25 gms over two hours...........don't know how many she had.

    If insurance paid or I had the money.........it would definitely be something I would do.
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