Absolutely NO Science to All The Covid Nightmare


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People continue to take jabs, boosters and continue to get sick...The jabs etc are doing this folks. Cease, work on your own immune system, Vit C, Vit D, Zinc, Quercetin, Grapeseed Extract or Pycnogenol is what it takes.

And just remember, there is NOT one drop of of Science behind any of this Covid 19, not one drop. Everything being made up day to day, minute to minute, from quaranteen issues, masking issues, jabbing issues, distancing issues, business closings, athletic and entertainment worlds shut down, school closings, jabbing children and all the rules that people are hit with, not one drop of Science behind any of it.

Oh I forgot to add the constant testing, in clinics, at docs, at pharmacies, in home, every day, every 2-3 days, and Inaccurate as the day is long. Again not an ounce of Science.

And all the Mandates, talk about destroying people's lives who will not do the jabs and are being fired from their jobs, I just posted the other day about a Prof from U.C. Irvine being fired since he won't jab.

So many need to go to Prison.

And if you want to bring up 1918, go ahead, that was only 102 yrs ago.

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The news lately has basically verified that basic knowledge about viruses is true. They mutate when they see their prey escaping. This is the behavior that has bio-philosophers asking if viruses are "alive" or not. It's a purely biomechanical thing they're doing, so can we call it "thinking" if there's no nerve endings involved? IDK

Even the phrase "see their prey escaping" is misleading. They have no eyes. They don't even do what bacteria do, that is, quorum sensing.

But we do know that viruses mutate, often into weaker forms until they are basically tolerable to their prey.

In the early stages though, they will be deadly and will cause post viral fatigue, sometimes long term. And a virus that's "novel" to everyone on earth can do massive damage simply because there are now 7 billion humans to do it to.

1% death rate of 7 billion people is ... a HUGE number. It's a massacre. 70 million.

That's 11.6 X The Holocaust, just counting the Jewish dead involved in the Holocaust.

So, forgive the vulnerable, imperfect, humans if there's a little panic. Panic is understandable when there's such a situation. And I'm sure you've heard a million times how flattening the curve allows more people to stay alive... bla bla bla. We've all heard it. It's true, but we're stick of hearing it so I skipped it.

For myself, I got my two shots of Pfizer. When it was time to get my booster, Omicron was starting up and I was like... naaaahhhh... they said I was protected. The penny dropped. I'm getting my booster. When someone comes up with one for Omicron. Not before. That's my requirement and compromise.

In the meantime, I'm staying under self imposed lockdown as much as possible. I don't want any part of Long Covid on top of ME/CFS. Who would?

As much as I wish everyone would get a shot, I'm 100% against mandatory vaccination. You simply have no free world while you mandate that someone can stick a needle into my body against my will. All the high ideals of human rights are gone at that point.

Ultimately I think what will happen is, it will be incorporated into the flu shot and given yearly together. Voluntarily. Just like always. It may be a decade before we calm down about it. But we will.


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I avoid all vaccines, so I hope I can continue this path I'm taking. Just today I'm hearing another variant coming from the Omicrone variant, it will never end. The Left and Pharma and FDA are out to get everyone they can reach and change the w hole country.

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You have to ask yourself why the New World Order (NWO) would do this. The answer is in the 2021 DEAGEL report that predicts a 70% depopulation of the USA and other Western countries to solve world problems outlined by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum. Read these two threads to understand what is going on. The prion disease is set so we can't avoid the depopulation but write your republican senators to inform them so we can defend ourselves otherwise this will be a full NWO takeover with permanent NSA hacking of computers and body harassment and stealth assassinations by nanobots/satellite microwave weapons.

Breaking down the casualty figures of the 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast in terms of what is going on today (metallicman.com)

Here's why Western Civilization is Getting Depopulated-Great Reset, nanobots, prions, housing destruction to save the environment - Conspiracy - Political Bullpen

NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing | Page 2 | Health Rising's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia Forums

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I avoid all vaccines, so I hope I can continue this path I'm taking. Just today I'm hearing another variant coming from the Omicrone variant, it will never end. The Left and Pharma and FDA are out to get everyone they can reach and change the w hole country.

Yeah. Technically coronaviruses have been around for as long as the flu. They were considered long ago to become part of the annual flu shot. SARS is a coronavirus. MERS is a coronavirus. We've had epidemics of it before. When people have a lingering cough after a "flu" it's probably because they got an ordinary coronavirus. We don't test people with lingering coughs after a "cold" so we don't know. But that's how coronavirus works, it gives you a lingering cold that can last for months.

That's why, long Covid is going to be a major problem and could be a breakthrough for ME/CFS. I wish people didn't have to find out that we're not faking like this. But I'm afraid they won't have a choice.

Stay well the best way you can. You've made it a long way in life. Don't be afraid to change your mind if you think safety lies in this direction or that one. Trust your own instincts. I'm sure you're wise enough to know that all the rest of us ask is that if you're avoiding vaccines, you will be careful not to pass the virus on.

The Omicron one in particular doesn't cause symptoms for an even longer time than the original Covid-19 strains. Remember the Navy ship in Guam? Remember they had Covid for a while before they showed symptoms, and that was why the entire ship was exposed? Well Omicron takes that to an even higher level. So you could be feeling fine and yet be spreading it.

That's the genius of viruses. They're smart little creatures for something that may not even be "alive" in the technical sense. I'm amazed by their cleverness. I'd think it was extremely cool, if it wasn't threatening my life. :) Take care.


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Our bodies are loaded with viruses and I'm strongly believing the antioxidant Pycnogenol or Grape Seed Extract I've taken for decades is keeping me going with the few minor pharma drugs I do take.

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