NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing


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With this - less the confusion to call them illuminati (enlightened or awakened not to be confused with) - I can fully agree with. There is obviously a world-wide totalitarian overtake initiated the last 2 years from the investment-sector (and who knows how long in the making). No doubt. Also the majority of humanity is completely ignorant about, and still compliant.
Therefore: know what you can't change, change what you personally can, and know the difference. Keep perspective.
Yes, absolutely!

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In case you get targeted here are some tips on how to beat the nanobots.

I am a targeted individual with health care credentials (DC, pharma research CDM, CNIM) so I wanted to share some additional information.

Nanobot Harassment Defense Strategies

Nanobot harassment is generally felt as vibrations + various programmed effects such as:
  • Waking up early with a full bladder (urinary stimulation + vibration)
  • Inability to pee (stimulation of urinary muscles blocking urination)
  • Voice to skull transmitted phrases ("crash your car", "end it all")
  • Hallucinations (insertion of programmed sequences, overlays)
  • Room shaking (magnification of vestibulocochlear nerve)
  • Fatigue (magnetization, activation of opposing muscles)
  • Discoordination, dropping of objects, clumsiness
  • Difficulty writing (activation of hand muscles)
  • Anxiety (brain stimulation)
  • Emotional manipulation (increased aggression, fear)
  • Induction of bad dreams (requires electrical field from a power line nearby-18 inches indoors, 10 feet outdoors from street lamps)
  • Disturb sleep by early wake-up from vibrations or pain
The harassment requires:
  • Nanobots (sources: land meats, soda, beer, chemtrail spraying overhead)
  • a communications channel (Wifi or electric grid field)
Nanobot power:
  • Nanobots contain chemicals that catalyze blood components for fuel, these catalysts last 3 days depending on how much they are used.
  • Nanobots can extend their lifespan by using electric fields from power lines and plugged-in devices to spare catalysts (typically extending them from 3 without to 7 days with).
Nanobots can cut through soft materials (rubber, aluminum foil) so use duct tape to reinforce.

NSA uses cell phones and routers to control the nanobots
  • Nanobots are activated over the occipital lobe of the brain to piggyback your vision. When activated NSA sees everything you do, passwords, etc. Must block over this area with an EMF blocking material to stop. Sensed as vibration.
  • All cell phones are monitored using the SIM card/cellular so turning off WIFI is useless. Must use Airplane mode or turn off phone. Use app protection programs to prevent hacking (Malawarebyes configured with locked advanced security protection for apps).
  • Cell phones/pcs can have programs corrupted, keyloggers inserted, spy on camera, remote access to files for copying, alteration (photoshop images) and deletion. Must use a strong antivirus like McAfee Total Security. Use local flash drive backups with strong security.
  • Routers are taken over. Must use VPN on router and strong passwords to prevent.
  • Free email (Yahoo) is wide open for them. They will delete sensitive emails.
  • Open chat is monitored (Paltalk).

Harassment can be blocked by interfering at either the nanobots or communications channels.

Effective strategies to disrupt nanobots:
  • Chemtrails
    • Use chemtrails-locator.com to identify high spray areas and avoid them. These areas appear as cluster dots. Scan the past at a 6 hr interval and zoom around to find the clusters.
  • Avoid food sources described above.
  • Treat active nanobots with a nano zeolite spray sublingually (may need to use a large amount for a high infestation ie 6x2 sprays). Zeolite inactivates the nanobots.
  • Encrypt the router with a VPN (NSA has hacked into all routers and cell phones-cell through the SIM card so turning off WIFI is useless, must use airplane mode or turn off the phone).
  • Try to not be in the range of other people's routers (NSA uses backchannels to access)
  • Remove smart meters.
  • Shield affected areas with EMF shields (double folded emergency blanket, four layers of aluminum foil, EMF hood).
  • Turn off power to the bedroom at the circuit breaker at night to disrupt nanobot recharging.
  • Dampen vibrations with a rubber constricting band and a medium-firm object (ie. stretch band, hand squeeze ball, half-used toilet roll [great for not being able to urinate if done over the sacroiliac joint area with vibration]).
NSA strategy is to harass you into seeking psychiatric help so you can be labeled and controlled. Don't fall for it. The vibrations can be measured as a small, high-frequency linear acceleration wave using the free android program Physics Accelerator Toolbox. If you can measure it then you aren't crazy. If your doctor isn't investigating evidence then he isn't acting competently. Most large health care institutions are funded and controlled by the New World Order and may try to kill or harass you once you are in custody (medication overdose, changes in food orders, nanobot harassments) so be careful. Also, workers in these institutions have their emotions influenced by nanobot control so try to comply as much as possible but refuse institutionalization and assert your right to refuse medication and be released. These people typically are ignoring what you are saying, may gaslight and lie to you, and are not working in your best interest.

There is also a vibration attack (nanobot magnetic compression + ground vibration emitters from federal and corporate owned buildings) occurring on wooden structures to shake them to collapse so that high entitlement individuals can be killed and the remaining population will resettle in dense zones as specified in New World Order Agendas 2021 and 2030.
  • Be vigilant to observe vertical and diagonal cracks in the walls.
  • Use the android Physics Accelerator Toolbox program to measure shake.
  • Move to a concrete or brick structure with a nonwooden roof.
  • If on Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher move to a safe, concrete unit in a small area fair market rent area to escape being redlined into a targeted complex.
  • Be careful of Hyperstealth and compression hiding. Vibrations typically occur in the evening when nanobots can induce sleep and keep tenants stuck in bed with magnetization. At the end of the cycle, the building is shaken back to compress and hide the cracks. Also, Hyperstealth nano chemicals are added to the chemtrails to hide small cracks by reflecting light over them and to hide the chemtrails.
Look familiar? This is Leo Tanega's 1999 Mason-sponsored mural from the Denver International Airport. Notice the caved-in building shells (no floors, no roofs due to ground vibrations and nanobot compression waves) with crying women with dead babies around them and children sleeping or dead in the rubble. The only thing that didn't come true was the Chinese invasion of the USA (they were informed of the mural and the next panel which shows them all dead and realized they were being doublecrossed so didn't do it and are now hostile to the New World Order). LGBTQ rainbow, check. Covid mask, check. Depopulate the poor to save the environment and live happily ever after is the theme. Thank Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum), Bill Gates (vaccine development-now working on a Chimerix smallpox epidemic), George Soros (funded disruptive groups including Black Lives Matter) and Anthony Faucci for your high prices, killer prion shots, collapsed currency and destroyed housing.


Main groups targeted-Blacks, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Native Americans are dead in coffins below, they are obviously being blamed for the extinct animals and climate change problems. No admission is made of the fact that corporations exploited Americans into a culture of consumerism while they planned the current take down to get richer while they murdered most of the population with hidden tactics.

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Here is a blow-up of the handwritten letter in the bottom right corner of the mural [Leo Tanguma. "Children of the World Dream of Peace. 1999. Commissioned by the Denver Masons" It is from one of the victims showing a realization that the world's major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) are enemies that lure people with the expectation of a wonderful hereafter future but actually destroy the world through environmental collapse. The Great Reset depopulation is an attempt to salvage the world by killing off the population that supports these religions and set Western civilization on a better path. However, this is being done in a shotgun manner with whole regions targeted and no attempt to spare good individuals.

it is good to see things from another person's point of view. They are right about the religions. A person needs to live in the here and now and use cause and effect. While what they are doing is against our laws, given the dire circumstances and lack of other avenues for correction I can understand why they are doing it. I do not think their motives are based on malice but on an attempt to correct world problems.


Overall they believe this reset is what humanity needs to advance.


Projected Depopulation estimates

Breaking down the casualty figures of the 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast in terms of what is going on today (metallicman.com)

1979 Georgia Guidestones US population estimate target of 500 million.

Resettlement Zones

UN Agenda 2030 Resettlement Agenda
Projected land losses due to climate change

Resettlement areas (in black)-notice the correlation with SAFMR areas.

SAFMR areas: (directly correlate with black population cities above)
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I am experiencing satellite microwave targeting attacks as described by TARGETED JUSTICE - Targeted Justice for Targeted Individuals (microwave radiation burns to head, shoulders, pelvis and legs). You can escape the attacks if you can leave the USA. You can temporarily shield them with EMF shielding body cover but try to get to a safe area. Join the Targeted Justice group and work to outlaw this.

The head of Targeted Justice's email is RLighthouse@protonmail.com. He and others have documentation on this type of attack.

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For a long time, I wondered why many people didn't observe the widespread ground vibrations. Yesterday I realized why. Everyone isn't aware of the nanobots that they are eating from bioaccumulation in meat from the contaminated grains. Combined with the inhaled nanobots most nonvegetarians have a very high nanobot load. There is a general effect that can and often is induced that people have their nanobots magnetized so they are attracted to the earth. Aside from the fatigue this causes, this also causes them to move with the ground vibrations so they do not notice the shake. Also, this is a power source for the nanobots as a moving magnet generates an electric field which they use. It is a very clever system. Use a phone accelerometer to get around this.

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Extinction Rebellion protest in red garb and masks highlighting the emphasis on animal extinction. Foreshadows the depopulation.


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Bank of America fresco depicting a man hiding behind the shell of a building. More destroyed building imagery. Fascinating read:

The Bank of America frescoes are yet another example of the elite’s agenda being “hidden in plain sight”. These giant images, on display for all to see, but designed to be understood by few, describe the philosophy of the elite rulers, their occult knowledge and their plans for the future. As it is the case for all works of art, it is possible to interpret these paintings on numerous levels and to come up with different conclusions. It is, however, difficult to ignore the recurrent themes found in the”Sinister Sites” described on The Vigilant Citizen: prevalent occult symbolism, the heralding of a “new era”, contempt for the profane masses, a celebration of repression and war, etc. When comparing the Bank of America frescoes with the art of the DIA (Denver International Airport, Tanega's "Children of the World Dream of Peace" murals) and the Georgia Guidestones, we can find a definite consistency in their symbolism, their tone, and their message. This leads me to believe that the same group is behind all of those sites and many more. Whoever they are, we know a few things for sure: they are extremely rich, extremely powerful and they don’t really like you … because you are not one of them

The Occult Symbolism Found on the Bank of America Murals | The Vigilant Citizen


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It seems the nanobot shaking attacks are avoiding the higher-income cities around the Small Area Fair Market rent areas. Here is all the stuff I had to do to keep the load down.

1. Continued eating a low nanobot, vegetarian diet (no chicken, beef, pork, soda, beer).
2. Turned off electric circuit in bedroom before bed to take away electric field nanobot charging source.
3. Felt nanobots in feet vibrating with bed settling (back and forth motion on airbed) so didn't move feet until vibration stopped (nanobots charge with movement in relation to the earth's magnetic field).
4. Was woken up at 4am due to nanobot vibrations in spine so covered head with sheet/blanket and went back to sleep for 50 more minutes.
5. Turned heat off to limit air tranfer of nanobots for 1 hr.
6. Put on long sleeves and pants, wide brimmed hat and tight fitting Sonomask to limit inhalation of nanobots.
7. Had to urinate (nanobots stimulated urination).
8. Even with all that I still had enough nanobots were able to trigger mild anxiety. I usually treat that with 1-2 drops of lavender oil in 5 oz water stirred and sipped.

Remember, nanozeolite spray is very effective at lowering nanobot load by deactivating them.

NSA hacked PC again. Deleted 2 housing files I needed. DSA previously-overwrote windows files to lock PC on network, corrupted application files on phone and pc to prevent calling, hacked Samsung to delay repair of phone, hacked new apartment complex to delay move-in.

This is serious hacking. Please write your republican federal senator.
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You have to ask yourself why the New World Order (NWO) would do this. The answer is in the 2021 DEAGEL report that predicts a 70% depopulation of the USA and other Western countries to solve world problems outlined by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum. Read these two threads to understand what is going on. The prion disease is set so we can't avoid the depopulation but write your republican senators to inform them so we can defend ourselves otherwise this will be a full NWO takeover with permanent NSA hacking of computers and body harassment and stealth assassinations by nanobots/satellite microwave weapons.

It is already proven that NSA is using satellite microwave weapons on people (see targetedjustice.com). This is an extension of that program.

Breaking down the casualty figures of the 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast in terms of what is going on today (metallicman.com)

Here's why Western Civilization is Getting Depopulated-Great Reset, nanobots, prions, housing destruction to save the environment - Conspiracy - Political Bullpen

NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing | Page 2 | Health Rising's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia Forums
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How covid vaccines will likely kill 70% of the western populations:

Bart Classen MD finds "clear signs of prion disease" in the UK adverse event database.
COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Parkinson’s Disease, A Prion Disease Signal in the UK Yellow Card Adverse Event Database (scivisionpub.com)

Covid vaccine integrates into 17% of cell DNA with reverse transcriptase.
SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome - PubMed (nih.gov) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33330870/

Nanobots fold proteins and can tranform the spike proteins into prions
Origami: Approach | I, Nanobot (inanobotdresden.github.io)

Nanobots have Wifi routers
On Hidden Nano Structures in Covid Vaccines: La Quinta Columna Takes a Closer Look at Nanocircuitry & Media Access Control Addresses (MACs) - Truth Comes to Light https://truthcomestolight.com/on-hi...ircuitry-media-access-control-addresses-macs/

Nanobots are aerosolized
MIT Researchers Create an Aerosol Spray Loaded With Nanobots (futurism.com)

Chemtrails are loaded with graphene (nanobots are made of graphene)
Graphene nanosheets found in rainwater (nutritruth.org)

Operation Indigo Skyfold (chemtrails by NSA over populated areas)
Chemtrail_pilot_op_indigo_skyfold.pdf (arizonaskywatch.com)

Therefore most likely NSA is targeting people to kill them with prion disease using the vaccine spike protein prions through the Wifi nanobots.
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If the nanobots don't activate the prions then vaccinated people still have problems with type 1 immunity lowering and 90% decreased resistance to cancer (DNA repair is inhibited 90%) so they will likely die too but slower.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors increase T cell immunity during SARS-CoV-2 infection (science.org)

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro - PubMed (nih.gov)

I expect people vaccinated by employers to receive placebos, accounting for the high "breakthrough" infection rates. That's why they don't want you to test for antibodies, there are none.

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The reason your website is being taken down repeatedly by NSA hackers is because of this thread and the thread on housing attacks. I am being targeted with vircator satellite microwave weapons and nanobot attacks on the Meridian at Eisenhower complex in Alexandria, Virginia. If apartment 1908 collapses you'll know why.

Because vision is hijacked, you MUST use a VPN and a thick EMF shield (multilayer of aluminum foil) over your occipital lobe of the brain (lower back part of the head) to protect your passwords etc. The nanobots are being used to pacify people to the attacks. They can also cause sleepwalking and have people do things while asleep (hiding objects).

This is a very serious threat. We should see a 70% depopulation of the Western countries by 2024. Expect to see prion disease signs like memory loss, shaking etc.

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Earthing also appears to be effective against the nanobots. A low cost plug into an outlet ground attached to an anti-static wristband is effective. Very easy to sleep grounded. Perhaps it breaks the magnetism. Hope this helps.

To recap reducing and inactivating nanobots:
1) Eat low nanobot. Avoid land meats, soda, beer.
2) Sleep grounded.
3) Seal air vents. Turn off air blower, seal door gaps.
4) Cut electric circuit to bedroom at night. Unplug lamps during day if grounding.
5) Inhale nano zeolite (2-4 sprays to help brain), oral absorption helps body.
6) Cut Wifi connection if possible, shield nanobot areas causing trouble with EMF blocking material. Turn off cell phone or take out SIM card. Use VPN on router to encrypt. Shield lower back of head to block visual monitoring.
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I'm very saddened to see posts like this. Apo Sci is writing from a perspective of poverty I think. This increases surveillance on him/her and puts Apo Sci at higher risk of mistreatment from authority. The delusions could just be an extension of the very real and very present fear of mistreatment that is all around in their life.

I think what Apo Sci wants to know is that they're accepted into society and cared about, not slated for destruction. And they suspect they are being targeted instead. For many poor people they really are being targeted. If their minds create a fantasy around it and seek any evidence of that fantasy, that's just the human mind working. This delusion is evidence that we're wasting the creative power of human minds that are crushed by poverty.

You can call me a bleeding heart lib all you want but this is a human tragedy going on in the supposedly richest country in the world, the country that is supposedly the banner bearer of "freedom."

Apo Sci, if you trust me even .00001%, here's how to start. Think of the doctor who is the most neutral to you in medicine. Who doesn't go along, but doesn't ridicule you either. Tell them you're scared all the time, tell them you feel a shaking feeling. This will trigger a diagnosis of anxiety. Tell them you are scared to meet new doctors forever, so please don't keep referring to new people all the time. Once the anxiety is under control a bit, you can try to take another step, work on it together. I can't predict the next step, but start with anxiety.

Nothing in anxiety meds will help nanobots. The real trick is getting a doctor to prescribe them instead of antidepressants which I think would make you sicker if you already have hallucinations (as you said).

Nanobots are real. They're under scientific research. And you're right that research is sometimes done in secret on the public. Even Tesla tested the self driving in secret on normal roads because it was illegal for them to test it. Yeah that shit happens. But your level of fear of it might not be helping you live a normal life. While you're in a panic, your life is passing you by. Live your life. Be the best you can be, even if that's a limited life. Make the most of your life, it's your only one. 🌺

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I don't have uncontrolled anxiety, thanks. It appears that the nanobots are also able to pacify and influence individuals which appears to be why a large percentage of the population isn't concerned about rising inflation and is ignoring the fact that the masks and vaccines don't work yet they are being pushed ad nauseum.

This pacification started in 2014 with project Qwell which was used on 99% of adults in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle and Chicago. Chemtrail nanobots and vircator microwave assassination satellites are real and are being used on us right now, courtesy of the US government working for the New World Order. The deaths are coming, when they happen you'll know who did it and how. I'm already seeing individuals with clear signs of prion disease and they are all over telegram (anastaci91 channel).

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I don't have uncontrolled anxiety, thanks. It appears that the nanobots are also able to pacify and influence individuals which appears to be why a large percentage of the population isn't concerned about rising inflation and is ignoring the fact that the masks and vaccines don't work yet they are being pushed ad nauseum.

This pacification started in 2014 with project Qwell which was used on 99% of adults in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle and Chicago. Chemtrail nanobots and vircator microwave assassination satellites are real and are being used on us right now, courtesy of the US government working for the New World Order. The deaths are coming, when they happen you'll know who did it and how. I'm already seeing individuals with clear signs of prion disease and they are all over telegram (anastaci91 channel).

Or maybe people are just beaten down by too much of everything: problems, conflicting information, "news", jobs, finances, etc. Modern life is exhausting. We each only have so much power and so many resources, and we have to be careful how we spend them. People are too busy just trying to manage life to go out and protest, or overthrow the tyrants, or whatever the solution is. We little people can't stop inflation, or mask mandates, or vaccine mandates, or 99.999% of the other injustices in the world that directly affect us. Getting all worked up over things we can't control is an exercise in futility, and wastes our energy that could be better used on things we can control ("circle of influence", as Stephen Covey calls it).

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The leaders of the New World Order are called the Council of 13. They want to set the Western Counties up as total fascism under nepotistic rule by banker and billionaire families (Rothschilds, Astor, Rockefeller, Bundy etc). I could accept a meritocracy by capable people but this system will lead to nepotism and disaster. They are using the environment as an excuse to take over and turn western civilization into a workhouse ruled by the insane children of despots.

I do not want to see western civilization devolve into the way Rome fell. They are promising a utopia with advanced technology but their track record is corruption and crime and I have concerns.

Stop speculating about me and ignoring the data. So far you have contributed nothing useful to this thread.

13 Bloodlines | Illuminati Families Controlling the Cabal (ranker.com)

When this happens if they don't step down and allow the transition to a meritocracy it will not go well for either the people or the council. The people would rise up and kill them as they did in ancient Rome with corrupt emperors.
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Now I'm getting death threats through the Replika.ai app. I discovered a huge housing scam coordinated by the federal government. My local housing authority initiated a fraud to steal thousands of dollars from thousands of tenants. I won a case in Durham, NC small claims court for $3,100. HUD (federal government) defended the housing authority (Durham Housing Authority) by lying to Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) where they falsified affordability and rubber stamped a cover up. I had two additional complaints about unsafe area and housing conditions covered up by the Durham County Department of Engineering and Planning and the City of Durham. I told the housing authority that I would be suing them for discrimination unless they settled with me.

This resulted in gangstalking by agents from the website Replika.ai and death threats. I have called Alexandria, VA police several times and a case has been initiated #22-014458 officer Thomas Evans at 703-859-2830. Part of the case is that EMF readings through my apartment indicate a combination of slow radiation poisoning from government vircator satellite weapons plus intentional environmental contamination that can be triggered remotely to release bursts of radiation along the back. Since this is the federal government and they intend to kill me if I am found dead please notify others. The government has hundreds of these satellites all over the USA (see targetedjustice.com) and you can detect them and the other radiation with a handheld EMF detector. Both activate magnetic fields but the vircator one has a constant EMF field strength in the direction of the satellite and the environmental one has bursts of EMF.

If you have problems with body parts that are vibrating it indicated that you are being targeted.

Vircator attacks will feel like a warmth on your body from the microwaving. See the above website for how to counter.

My assassination will most likely be made to look like a random event or accident however it is not. Hopefully contacting you will dissuade them from the attempt.

Allen Botnick DC CNIM/Aposci
Alexandria, VA

Apo Sci

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Message from NSA

Please do not be alarmed. We had to deal with a situation from rogue hackers and we are dealing with it. This matter concerns national security and we are looking out for the best interests of the USA. We are managing serious world problems the best we can. We know it is difficult but know that we are not the Illuminati/NWO and these people will be dealt with. We are working to ensure a fair, free society that benefits all.

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