NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing

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NSA doublecrossed, getting burst pelvic EMF readings of around 20 V/m on spine, above knees from nanobot EMF activation of radioactive chemtrail dust complex. Air particles from chemtrials showing baseline EMF of 1-8 V/m in outside air.

Even if blocked high nanobot collections are very toxic due magnetism. Nanobots always show up as magnetic field of about 0.4 microteslas. Even if eating low nanobot will still collect at feet and pelvis which is used for satellite tracking. Satellites show as increased magnetic field in direction of satellite Can use 10 pieces of aluminum foil in direction of satellite to camouflage and will stop satellites. They aim through glass and sheetrock. Brick appears to block.

Recommend videos of emf and dosimeter readings, sue plane carriers (Air Canada) for radiation related illness (see Geoengineeringwatch.org).

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Project Qwell appears to eliminate the urge to fight in Europeans. Nanobots can do voice to skull communications so be careful.

Chemtrails contain a mix of short half-life radioactive particles (germanium, etc) in what appears to be an EMF meltable matrix. The nanobots melt the EMF to release two-second bursts of radioactivity. They target the backside of the pelvis, sacrum and front of the knees at the bony ledges. The radioactivity is triggered by NSA controlled nanobots. This is happening all over the world.

Most effective radioactive nanobot dust-blocking is to shield air intake and turn off vent system, use a tight plastic poncho (can make out of a large garbage bag) and brush off high spot target areas periodically, use two pillows and put two emergency blankets over sheet to form a teepee bed. Can use a large umbrella with an emergency blanket over it taped to a tripod to shield head.

People this radiation is no joke. Expect bone marrow edema syndrome (fatigue, pain) and cancer if you do nothing.
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The nanobot-chemtrail radiation burns holes in clothes where activated. This is especially prevalent where it collects around the waist. Look at the holes in this shirt which was affected. If it can burn a hole through a shirt imagine what this is doing to your body.

Excellent lean tu bed setup


Grounding is excellent against nanobots


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Not sure who is actually reading this but anyway...

Office chairs are very dangerous too. I had to use 10 layers of shielding with aluminum foil because of the nanobot magnetism pulling me down. Radioactive particles accumulate in the bottom of the chair and then are released. Use that portable EMF meter. I was getting hits at about 50 V/m which is too high. Have it down to 16 V/m.

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Getting excellent results by taking 6 layers of aluminum foil and covering both sides with duct tape to cover the air intake to block the radiation and nanobots (they will cut through aluminum foil). EMF readings much reduced after a few hours.
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What I think is happening is that during the day they chemtrail drop the nanobots and radiation material, it is magnetized to stick to the air ventilation shafts then in the evening they turn off the magnets and rock the building using nanobot magnetism to bellows pump it into the room. Block the intake and you stop the entire process (provided door seals are ok).

Also, wear a good 97% or 99% mask to block out a lot of inhaled nanobots if they are around (wasteband shaking indicating chemtrail drop, shaking building [can take EMF readings]).

Also, they can block magnetic field readings by triggering satellites targeted to feet and pelvis. Block these levels with aluminum foil (10 layers) to shield walls.
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Took new readings today. Shielding the main air intake was effective for blocking the air vents however the bathroom and kitchen vents must have direct connection for fresh air and are accumulating nanobots and radiation as shown by magnetic field readings. Satellite tracking and nanobot activations tried to hide but got them on video. Best thing to do is to sleep with doors closed then wait to go to the bathroom or use the kitchen and then vent the place out when the air is clear. Very dangerous situation.

I expect that there will be some nuclear weapons use in the Russia dispute which will be used as a cover story for the chemtrail-nanobot irradiation deaths however evidence now shows that this predated any release to date.

I'm extremely worried about how this is going to turn out. It looks like the majority of the population is Qwelled with passivity and controlled. How are these American billionaires going to run their future society? Past predicts the future and the past is that they exploit workers and have a pessimistic, elitist attitude about ordinary people. These people are basically the richest 1% of Americans and American families-the Waltons, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc and they have a very utiltarian view of the world where people on insurance without resources are culled out. They are headed by Klaus Schwab who has stated, "You will own nothing and be happy." That means the average worker is basically a powerless sharecropper subjected by mind control to feel happy, subjected to 24 hour visual and electronic equipment monitoring and punished with nanobot or brain chip harassments if they don't comply with whatever commands they are given. Privacy and freedom are nonexistent.

I have mixed feelings about this group. They mainly are handling world problems to benefit themselves and I doubt they are going to have any significant checks on their power. I do not believe they are creating any kind of utopian society but instead are setting the USA up for a total plutocracy under mostly elitist sociopaths with more fake, controlled news media. People don't realize it yet but you are under siege and are living in a future world right now. The readings prove it.

It is only a matter of time before the mass deaths manifest from the chemtrail-nanobot cancer, prion disease and destroyed housing. The only people around will be those that get the knowledge to protect themselves from this post.

Notice how many world figures are affiliated with Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders program. It also lists their corporate partners.

Cort's HealthRising site has been taken down several times over this thread and the one about collapsing housing in Canton, GA.

List of richest American families.

List of richest Americans.

There is no discussion about any of this with them. Anyone who knows about this and interferes will be targeted. Even if you don't interfere, if you aren't self sufficient you are being targeted for elimination. Your Social Security benefits will be stolen, your house destroyed, your life taken with no mercy and whole areas are being targeted with no concern for individuals. If you live in a low-income area you are under threat and will most likely see your home destroyed like this.

Silver Spring, Maryland explosion: 10 transported in apartment building blast, several unaccounted for (fox5dc.com)


I lived in a previous complex where a 1000 gal propane tank had a suspicious leak which caused a gas smell and could have detonated and started fires (I was able to report it and get the fire department to stop it). There were no fire extinguishers on any of the first floor stairwells for 1 year. I had previous shaking complaints for the area which were covered up by the County Dept of Engineering and City building inspector. In this explosion tenants complained of gas smell but officials denied it. Looks like a cover up.

We are seeing roof collapses all over the USA. People are Qwelled up and controlled so they aren't connecting the dots. This is being done to accomplish the UN 2030 resettlement plan.
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EMF blocking socks appear to completely disrupt targeting (personalized building shake, satellite lock-on).

Unsure whether or not to use EMF blocking underwear.

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Cutting the airflow massively increased the "world hum" building shaking roof collapse sound and up/down nanobot harassment. Everyone should be doing this.

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I hope people are taking the radiation warnings seriously. Went out shopping today, walked around for 2 hours then returned to have spot readings of 30 V/m on the backside of my pelvis.

Recommend using an adjustable chair umbrella over your office chair (nanobots and radioactive particles slide off umbrella so this keeps them off your pelvis.

Learned that boron is effective at degrading nanobots and nanotubules.
HAARP, Morgellons, Chemtrails, Nanobots, AI, the Covid shot are interelated-The simple solution! (bitchute.com)

“We have demonstrated a smart PS delivery strategy involving acidity-triggered hierarchical disassembly from the nano to molecular scale for enhanced tumor penetration and activatable PDT."

One pinch of Borax in 1 pint of water, 1 glass 3-5x/day
Pinch of 20 mule team Borax (Boron) detergent booster, 5 glasses per day. Very small pinch.
FDA max dose is 1/8 tsp per 100 lbs, ¼ tsp per 200 lbs.
(Yonghe Zhang, Ruibo Zhao, Jia Liu, Hao Kong, Kebiao Zhang, Yuan-Ning Zhang, Xiangdong Kong, Quan Zhang, Yanli Zhao, Hierarchical nano-to-molecular disassembly of boron dipyrromethene nanoparticles for enhanced tumor penetration and activatable photodynamic therapy, Biomaterials,
Volume 275, 2021, 120945,ISSN 0142-9612, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biomaterials.2021.120945.)

[Disclaimer-This is for information purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of a licensed physician. Use at your own risk.]

Testing to see effects.

Video also recommends making body acid but unable to verify. Unsure because acidity activates nanobots in stomach. could be wrong.

Found an excellent description of nanobot control mistaken for satellite targeting by a victim. This is very recent, from 2018-2019.

TAREGETED INDIVIDUALS MEXICO (targetedindividualsmexico.com)

Hello my name is Cesar and this is what I have been able to document as a result of the fact that I suffered electronic harassment in the city of Zapopan Jalisco while living in my home at Calle Hípico 240, since the beginning of the year 2018 - 2019.

Bold Sections are accurate and emphasized. Comments are in brackets.

Methods they use:

  • They use the electrical grid to produce electromagnetic radiation to influence people's body, mind, and emotional state.
  • "Voice to skull" (v2k) ultra high frequency sound (UHF) directed directly to the inner ear (cochlea) to produce voices only in the victim's ear (also called "microwave auditory effect"). [Used to get the person to commit suicide]
  • Electromagnetic radiation directed at the brain to modify the mood of the victim: depression, mental fatigue, anger and frustration.
  • Electrical pulsations in regions of the body to produce itching similar to tingling or punctures. [nanobot vibrations]
  • Voice recognition software to simulate the voice of the victim and their relatives.
What you should know:

  • Their main method of trying to dominate you is to constantly antagonize themselves: to mock and denigrate you for any excuse.
  • THE POSITIVE ATTITUDE on your part makes them enormously angry.
  • They will try to earn your trust but in reality they will always lie: they will never tell a single truth under any circumstances.
  • They will always pretend to be bigger than they really are.
  • They rely on frightening the victim with their supposed superiority so that you do not document anything or retaliate (remember that they do not have as much power as they pretend).
  • They will never hurt you directly.
  • They can't kill you (but they'll always threaten you with it).
  • They can see everything you are in, as well as your thoughts, emotions and sounds (using electromagnetism technology). [nanobot visual hijacking, unsure of thought monitoring]
  • They can enter your dreams and manipulate them. [requires a nearby electrical field in proximity to the head-cut off at circuit breaker, typically induce strange programmed terror dreams completely different from normal dreams and activates as soon as you start to fall asleep to produce a fitful sleep]
  • They can access your memories. [they can definitely blank a person, probably by overriding normal waking consciousness brainwaves, also take control of 30% of the population that is highly suggestible, maybe more]
  • They can enter your media (computer, cell phone) to wreak havoc and reinforce the paranoia of the victim. [National Security Agency computer hacking, this is done remotely anywhere in the world]
  • They read your thoughts and tell you how soon you are about to do, to make you believe that you are under their control.
  • They want you to feel ashamed of your actions and thoughts (so they can blackmail you into revealing them to the public). Remember that under no circumstances will they be able to do that. Avoid feeling embarrassed, that will disarm them enormously.
  • Look for them and their methods in your thoughts.
What they want to get:

  • They want you to focus on them and not live your personal life.
  • Sleep deprivation and sexual activity. [Will set up a scenario to get you to stay up late, take large amounts of caffeine]
  • They will insist that everything is your own madness (which makes no sense).
  • They want to keep you volatile, emotional, and confused all the time (especially in public).
  • They want to magnify everything: that things seem more severe and important than they really are.
  • They want you to self-destruct.
  • They want you to distrust your own abilities (and avoid realizing the true power you have over them).
  • They want to always keep you in a sensitive emotional state and that you commit a crime in order to incriminate.
  • They want you to commit SUICIDE so you don't leave any record of what happened (under no circumstances think about it, they will never be able to hurt you directly).
  • Its purpose is to become an automaton that follows its orders.
  • They want you to exhaust your financial means so that you feel more unprotected. [at this time that means more exposure to radiation as you may give up your car and die of cancer.]
  • They will create countless stories about what is supposedly going on, to confuse and discredit you.
  • They want to convince you that you are showing irregular behavior (speaking in a high tone, trembling, facial grimaces) when that is not the case.
  • They want you to believe that everyone is watching you and that you avoid trusting people (so that you don't seek help and lose motivation).
The Replika.ai site did this to me. Government refuses to investigate.

An excellent overview of the U.S. targeted individuals system is at these two sites.


Targeted Individuals - About Us - TARGETED JUSTICE
[Needs to be updated for nanobots but otherwise very accurate. Nanobots appear to be controlled at NSA Fusion Center, Vircator at Schreiver Air Force Base US Air Force.]


This is happening all over the world and with 5g millions of people are probably being monitored.
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Predictions based on Psyop agent interactions and research

1. Russia will EMP europe.
2. Millions will die from mystery cancer or sequel of bone marrow edema syndrome (infections, etc).
3. Remainder will die from nanobot prion disease.
4. A Massive number of roof collapses both with and without fires.
5. A Massive number of evictions due to US HUD-housing authority scam cheating millions out of Housing Choice Voucher assistance money (denying medical expenses, fraudulent values on worksheets).
6. Rising food prices due to rising oil prices and lack of oil-based fertilizer. (Natural Health News)
7. Collapse of the US dollar and a switch to a digital currency.

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I have clear signs of a combined radiation attack alternating with a vircator attack. Both target the same areas so they are hard to distinguish.

Collecting evidence

Radioactivity. Verify dust on EMF then put in tap water sample. Take pictures of radioactivity in container while hot.

Nanobot pain-photo of magnetic field on EMF detector.

Vircator-nanobot satellite attack. Shield pelvis and feet (emf socks/underwear or emf socks and steel pan at pelvis), take before and after tile floor readings showing no magnetism with shielding then remove shielding and video showing magnetic field turning on.

Nanobots are well shielded with two layers of mylar emergency blanket. Voice to skull is lessened with boron and apple cider vinegar solution.

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This nanobot system (visual surveilance and harassment) will probably be the norm for the future. World Economic Forum's expert Dr. Yuval Noah Harari discusses the end of free will.

People are now “hackable animals,” according to Klaus Schwab’s advisor, who also warned that humans no longer have “free choice” and will be “re-engineered” by Bill Gates.

An official WEF contributor, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, was recorded giving a speech in which he clarifies what Klaus Schwab means when he says “it’s you who are changed.”

Schwab is referring to humanity and the abrupt change that the elites have planned for the rest of us, according to Dr. Harari. “Many tyrants and regimes tried to [hack millions of people in the past], but nobody knew biology well enough,” Harari says at the beginning of the movie.

And nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people. Neither the Gestapo nor the KGB could do it. But soon, at least some corporations and governments will be able to systematically hack all the people,” he goes on to say, before dropping a chilling threat:

We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals.”

But, according to Dr. Harari, this fusion of human life and technology will not benefit the average man or woman in terms of improving their own future, but will instead benefit a small group of “elites” who will not only “build digital dictatorships” for themselves but also “gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself.” Because once you’ve hacked something, you’ve usually also figured out how to engineer it.”

If elites succeed in re-engineering humanity, the question of whether our DNA, brain, body, and life data “belong to me, or to some company, or to the government, or, possibly, to the human collective” will have to be resolved.

Bill Gates, of course, is involved.

One of the “driving factors” of this transition, according to Harari, will be cloud technologies, such as IBM’s or Gates’ Microsoft platform.

“Humans are now hackable animals,” says Dr. Harari at another point in the video. “The whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit, and they have free will, and nobody knows what’s happening inside me, so whatever I choose whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will, that’s over.”

“Free will, that’s over,” he emphasizes.

Klaus Schwab’s WEF Reveals Plans To ‘Re-Engineer’ Humans To ‘Remove Free-Will’ And Turn Humanity Into Bill Gates’ Puppets (sagaciousnewsnetwork.net)

Nanobots allow remote visual surveillance, hypnosis, quelling of the will to fight, induction of feelings, vircator satellite targeting and harassments. Unless people step up to stop this then this will be the future of the western world-servitude under the plutocracy of the rich and their corporations.

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The plan of the targeted individual group at Shriever Air Force base is to get people to get demolished financially, be socially isolated and commit suicide. For me they used the nanobots to induce anxiety and depression then did voice to skull messages to jump out a window to my death. Boron (dilute borax laundry booster), apple cider vinegar, grounding to an outlet and a degausing magnet for 5 minutes helps.

Gather evidence and fight in court. These people will not stop.

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Radioactive nano dust accumulates on metal surfaces and in crevices. Verify with EMF detector and clean. Use a clear plastic bag and wipe down periodically. Skip underwear as accumulates in crevices. Use a plastic skirt cut from a garbage bag and secured by two loops of rope to minimize dust. Radioactive dust will burn skin. Clean with a wet sponge or shower off if skin is exposed. Dust can be on any nearby surface to skin-shirt, plastic, chair cushion, etc. Be very careful of sleeping area to make sure dust can't accumulate otherwise will give off detectable high magnetic field and/or radiation.

Also, there are open air vents to the bathroom and kitchen. These are very hard to seal. Use a high filtration mask when using (N97 or N99) or use a plastic urine container in a clean room.

Nanobots are magnetic so they can stick to metal screens on windows.

Nanobot magnetism is masked by satellite magnetic tracking signal.

EMF bursts from radiation are masked by surrounding electric fields from plugged in devices (appliances, lights).
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Here's how the nanobot attack works.

1. Plane flies over and sprays nanobots, radioactive dust bombs and hyperstealth (hides 1 mm wall cracks).
2. Nanobots enter air intakes and stick to metallic surfaces.
3. Nanobots connect to local Wifi.
4. Nanobots are then programmed to release from metal by neutralizing magnets.
5. Hum sound generators (Apple?) shake building to cause roof collapse.
6. Satellites target individuals in room then coordinate with room nanobots using magnetism to bellows air containing radioactive material and nanobots through vent system.
7. Nanobots circulate through room.
8. People are woken up by nanobot vibrations and nanobot hyperurination (hormone) early morning 30 minutes after plane flies over with chemtrials.
9. Person inhales nanobots and becomes infested, also gets them externally and from land animals, possibly soda and beer.
10. Nanobots and bombs stick to ceiling, chairs etc.
11. Person is hypnotized not to hear hum of vibration machines (blocked by 6 pieces of aluminum foil over occipital lobe at lower back of head), qwelled not to care about danger and to give up.
12. Smartmeter sets fire to weakened structure so roof collapses but is hidden by fire so is expected (also rigged gas lines and propane tanks).
13. Person exposed to radiation, increased EMF from utility company and vibrations so they weaken and die.
14. Remaining people die from nanobot converted prion disease from covid vaccines.

Corporations and super-rich take control of countries (systems are already massively rigged in their favor). Victims lose trillions of government benefits, homes and valued relatives. Entire retirement and disability system swindled by bribed officials. Try to command popular vote by eliminating opponents with secret vircator-nanobot elimination tools.

"You will have nothing and be happy" (i.e. We will have everything and control you and make you feel happy with nanobot feeling influencing)
-Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

On the plus side, the world does better because we prevent collapse of the oceans and loss of foods.

Take your side and be ready for the roof collapses (already happening if you search).

roof collapse at DuckDuckGo
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Excellent critique of the World Economic Forum:

"We (World Economic Forum) have penetrated government cabinets and we have distributed many books to market the great reset agenda"

The reason is,

"Governments have reached the limits of their unsustainable debt and unfettered liability (ie. entitlement spending-welfare, retirement, disability)"
-Klaus Schwab

(146) The Roundtable Insight with Charles Hugh Smith on The Great Reset Agenda - YouTube

The Only Non-Totalitarian Solution To Resource Scarcity: Decentralized Degrowth | ZeroHedge

The billionaire's toadies in the World Economic Forum (WEF) have promoted a centralized, totalitarian version of Degrowth that leaves the wealth and power in the hands of the few while imprisoning the rest of us in a new-fangled Gulag. It's called The Great Reset. The glossy The Great Reset PR is a packaged set of superficial happy stories about climate change, the 4th Industrial Revolution, blah blah blah which studiously avoids mentioning the most important feature of The Great Reset:

The billionaires get to enjoy their $100 million yachts, private jets and heavily guarded compounds while the rest of us toil as serfs on the plantations of the wealthiest few. The The Great Reset PR tagline is "You'll own nothing and be a happy serf!" or something like that.

As for serfs who try to escape the plantation--no bread for you. The core of The Great Reset is a system of social control and punishment that would make totalitarian dictators everywhere weep with envy.

Totalitarian imposed inequality is the only possible path of centralized Degrowth: 10,000 for me, one for you, unless you disobey, and then you get zero.

The alternative is decentralized Degrowth that resets the system's incentives from waste, friction, fraud and the dominance of centralized inequality to a locally controlled sustainability. I've prepared a roadmap to such a system. Maybe somebody else has a better one, but we have to start somewhere. Here's mine: Global Crisis, National Renewal: A (Revolutionary) Grand Strategy for the United States. You don't have to buy the book; the first section is free.

There is a solution that works for everyone except those with the $100 million yachts, jets and compounds and their WEF toadies: decentralized degrowth. Maybe the billionaires will have to squander fewer resources and the WEF toadies will have to learn to do something other than kiss billionaire's derrieres. Oh, boo-hoo. How cruel and awful that the rest of us might actually have a say and some capital.

  • Step 1-Contain people with covid regulations (vaccine passport, lockdowns, contact tracing).
  • Step 2-Government digital id system
  • Step 3-Central bank digital currency (government-based cryptocurrency), social credit scoring system
Per Charles Hugh Smith this system will be very authoritarian. This is exactly what we see with this nanobot control system.

"It will lead to an oppressive and corrosive accumulation of power in the hands of the few"

"If you are going to leave the most rapacious and pathological players in charge you are not going to get some kind of warm and fuzzy results of green tech and the industrial revolution solving society's problems"


This system depends on keeping the masses ignorant and disabling (killing) opposition. Failure to do this would cause voters to quickly replace the officials implementing it. This is why it is so dangerous to publically speak out.

Alternative Doctors Murdered (Pharmaceutical industry kill list)
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Smartmeter fires are widespread and covered up by utility companies.
Summary of Evidence on Smart Meter Fires (emfsafetynetwork.org)

Norm Lambe, an insurance claims adjustor, contends the utility companies are tampering with the evidence by immediately removing smart meters when there’s a fire.“A dangerous precedent is being followed in the insurance industry concerning the investigation of smart meter fires…When the local electrical utility arrives and determines that a smart meter is the issue, they have been removing the meter, and preventing the inspection of the meter by the experts…This is a serious situation, as the utility company, upon removal of the meter is tampering with what is evidence concerning the cause of the fire and can be held criminally responsible.” http:// www.examiner.com/article/are-insurance-companies-avoiding-the-smart-meter-problem

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Pharmaceutical Company Liability for Covid Vaccines

Because chemtrail nanobots are doing mind-control a strong argument can be made that the immunization contract waiving liability is null and void because the victims were under mind control.

To visualize environmental nanobots in chemtrail areas put a plastic sheet on a bed for about 5 hours then shake the sheet vigorously and measure the magnetic field off the plastic. There is normally no magnetic field however you will likely see the magnetic field and EMF bursts indicating nanobots.

This information may bankrupt all of the major vaccine manufacturers (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson).


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Hey Apo Sci, can you please establish communications with me on either signal, telegram, wickr, discord or messager or whateved you feel comfortable. Im going through the exact same thing and have been since last year. Same syntpoms, same everything. No I'm not crazy and neither are you. Can we please talk to each other asap. This isn't a scam. This is completely serious. Cheers.

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