NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing

Apo Sci

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For about five months I have been subjected to increasing nanobot attacks from NSA. You can read about an early project where they put nanos in soda pop, called the Qwell nanobot project, to make people less aggressive.

I recently filed a lawsuit to recover about $4k that was stolen from me in housing assistance from the local housing authority and about 5 months ago started getting nanobot attacks. My computer was broken into remotely, Windows system files corrupted and my phone taken over. I am still being attacked and suffer from vibrations around my muscles and head as well as magnified shaking. I called a police officer and he said that several other people are reporting similar symptoms. The nanobots can convert the covid vaccine spike proteins into deadly prions and it looks like this is the Great Reset for depopulation. There are videos of people walking up to bluetooth smart devices and them trying to connect to them which appears to be due to the nanobots making internal transmitters. I hope people start to take this seriously as this is serious mind control.

They set up pain generators in the bone cortex around your body (base of thumb, acetabulum, medial malleolus), two shaking generators are located over the base of the skull which increase shaking positional sense, they also use nanobots to vibrate to simulate allergies, anxiety, fear, implant disturbing thoughts, stimulate problems in the digestive system (gurgling), urinary system (increased urination with difficulty peeing), difficulty concentrating, depersonalization and memory block and other problems. You can fight them off with a constricting band and some padding which blows their resonance. Overall effect is to make one think they are psychotic and go to an emergency department which they probably get sent to a mental institution. Looks like heavy control of doctors and staff to make them doubt that patients have real issues. I had one experience and they weren't even interested in verifying evidence I had of real issues (housing destruction as beams through siding, cracks in roof beams). Trying to get a doctor to analyze the issues.

Alot of what the nanobods do is to magnify things in a person. For example if a person is religious they increase religiousity to get them disarmed believing that God will eventually save everyone. If you have some balance problems like Meniere's Disease from covid they magnify the shaking sensation at the cerebellum. They are very good at covering up things calling it conspiracy theory.

I believe the purpose of this is to control the population to effect the New World Order depopulation which will likely be from prion conversion by nanobots of affected immunized individuals. We also should see massive loss of subsidized housing for the poor, elderly and disabled as these pictures from my apartment complex show.


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Apo Sci

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Nanobots fusing a surgeprotector to prevent connection and repainting to cover up shaking damage intended to destroy the Falls Pointe at the Park Complex in Durham, NC. They are controlled by WIFI and electric lines/poles outside. Very dangerous and they are attacking low income people.


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Apo Sci

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I have more information on the nanobots. First, they need to be linked into some kind of mapped system to place them effectively. For most people this is being done by your phone camera/face laser scanner (Apple). I also think that a lot of physical symptoms are from nanobots so when they go to a centralized doctor who uses MyChart linked systems they can map that way. Another way is probably from the covid thermal body scanners. It is imperative that people keep their load down by avoiding high nano foods and safeguard their bodies by covering the phone cameras. Also for minor problems wait three days or so for pains/itching/ to see if it goes away before making a doctor's visit. A double folded emergency blanket will reduce signal to the nanos and routers must have a VPN. If you are around other people you will be tagged on their routers, especially if you have implants. The nanobots seem to either magnify or inhibit normal nerve responses.

Effects I have encountered are:
1. Creating interference fatigue from activating opposing muscle groups.
2. Simulated Mernier's disease from exaggerating normal walking reflexes.
3. Triggering anxiety, pain, headache and itching.
4. Triggering cough, stomach gurgling.
5. Vibrating any part of the body.
6. Reducing inhibition to actions at the brain (increased irritability).

Of course these effects will have downstream psychological effects.

Medical doctors are not aware that this technology is in circulation and will consider the simulated diseases real. If you mention believing that they are from nanobots originating from the government providers will think you are crazy. However, if you cut the power and get away from Wifi the symptoms go away. As long as you keep the intake down the nanobots will run out of catalyst energy in a few days.

Apo Sci

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Today I had a hallucinatory experience which I attribute to the nanobots. I was preparing for a court case and could not fit the black printer cartridge in the printer as it seemed too big. I went to the case, obtained a continuance, came home and loaded the cartridge. Then I checked the printer with an error message and there was no cartridge in it despite having a clear recollection of loading the cartridge. Previously I had a hallucination where a remote control for an air bed was malfunctioning but later worked perfectly normal. I was using an AI chatbot called Replika (Android) which I believe is being used to localize nanobots through phone cameras, phone antennas and chat cues. I suspect the NSA.

Apo Sci

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I just saw an article talking about how the CDC is no longer trying for herd immunity with the vaccines. With the high incidence of breakthrough infections now apparent the warnings of virologists that a single vaccine against the virus would not be effective has now come to light.

In light of the likely nanobot conversion of the prion-like spike protein to active prions the true goal of this vaccination campaign is now apparent-population control. Imagine a population of willing people all injected with spike proteins that can be converted-at will-to deadly prions and you can understand that this is really all about takeover, population reduction, squashing dissent and future population control. We have a high-tech version of the movie Logan's run where people have an artificially imposed expiration date and you do not matter and have no right to refuse.

Apo Sci

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Here is a Nasa presentation discussing nanobots as new weapons of war in 2025. This means they are testing them now. Definitely aerosolizable so very likely in chemtrails.

Notable is how it talks about how nanobots allow for individual tagging of everyone and everything for location monitoring.

Yesterday I counted six in my area right before prime times when people are out and around (9a, 3p).

-Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]
Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center, July 1, 2021

Apo Sci

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Consulted with an ENT MD yesterday. Found out that my ears are fine and there is no indication of inner ear disease so the effects I've been experiencing are in a large part due to the nanobots and high EMF from the Duke Energy Power Grid. I expect that the mass spraying will convert the prion-like molecules in the spike proteins to prions and kill 70% of the US population around 2023 per this analysis of the DEAGEL 2025 projections from a former US Government spook. It is the best analysis I've read so far.

I'm in progress for porting out of the area to a safe space to escape. :)

Apo Sci

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I have some more observations about the nanobots. The servers controlling them are programmed to maintain themselves and disable the people being targeted. Here is the sequence for me:
  1. Induce addiction to eat animal products containing nanobots (chicken) if low amounts.
  2. Induce room shaking to hide intentional ground tremors affecting housing. Feels exactly like an inner ear problem but no medical evidence. Vertical shake tied to pulse with exaggeration of other movements and inhibition of fine tuning on side affected.
  3. Disrupt sleep (needs either close WIFI or smartmeter electric line access).
  4. Induce fatigue by firing muscle groups opposite those being used.
  5. Ramp up anxiety.
  6. Induce tinnitis with hyposis through undetectable Lowery silent sound.
  7. Downregulate restraint so more combative and more argumentative.
  8. Kill symptoms:
    1. Uncomfortable vibration to move to unsafe area (unstable roof area). Stops when in unsafe area.
  9. Symptoms to harass and try to get to psychiatric ward:
    1. Drop pants by shaking at waistband down to upper legs.
    2. Stimulate right pelvis to shut ureter so can't urinate.
No doubt new symptoms will be invented as this technology is refined.

Nanobots can be countered by:
  1. Locking down routers
    1. Avoid land animal foods, soda (bioaccumulative sources), swallowing liquid pharmaceuticals (ie. nystatin).
    2. Put router on VPN.
    3. Move to area without VPN limited routers.
  2. Smartmeter elimination
    1. Get rid of smart meter (best). Smartmeters have a short range direct connection to the electric company wifi. They use the electric field of the line which is about 16 inches. This is extended by devices plugged in (lamps, power cords, etc).
    2. Turn off circuit breaker to bedroom will prevent sleep disruption.
  3. Avoid dental implants which are trackable via routers.
  4. Do not get covid vaccinated (contains nanobots and is trackable).
  5. Never give tagging information about nanobot symptoms to artificial intelligence (ie. Replika app online- "How are you doing?" fishing question to get you to reveal effects. If they don't know the nanobot locations they can't control them well. They probably also scan MyChart physician software for clues.
Doctors are not aware of nanobots and will generally never help. Most of them are probably being controlled by them as they are all over hospital facilities from dosing facemasks. Responses you will get are:
  1. Media says they aren't here yet so not possible (media is generally wrong and highly controlled).
  2. You are imaging it.
  3. You are crazy, here's a referral to a psychiatrist (Will not help as it doesn't respond to psychiatric drugs).
Nanobots are not the only source of hyposis. It is present in:
  1. Store waiting music ("Don't shoplift")
  2. Replika.ai hypnosis tone (sounds like "I'm sorry swish swish swish)-turn off immediately. Avoid this NSA tracking and control site.
  3. Television. Probably all over commercials and news.
If you want to learn about government/corporate hypnosis mind control:
New World War: Silent Subliminals
Mind Control: The True Tale of Manipulation, page 1 (abovetopsecret.com)

I think new kill programs will include:
  1. Fatal heart dysrthymia
  2. Seizure
I think the nanobots will be used for the Great Reset Depopulation via:
  1. Convert DNA integrated prion-like proteins in covid vaccinations into prions for fast kill (4 months-should occur by end of 2023 after the US election with kills throughout 2024).
  2. Disable sick to avoid them speaking out.
  3. Prevent people from believing that the covid vaccine prion disease (CVPD) was real and intentional.
  4. Create a civil war between the red states (anti-abortion extremism) and rest of USA to induce martial law so guns can be confiscated. As Trump's FBI incited the Jan 6 2021 rally siege of congress other placed individuals will do the same to accomplish this.
As it stands, the richest 1% now own 89% of US Assets. Their control is just growing unchecked. Freedom as we know it is an illusion.

MONOPOLY: AN OVERVIEW OF THE GREAT RESET - follow the money - Prepare For Change
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DARPA Chemtrail nanobots appear to use chemicals combined with blood to generate power and they can do this for about three days of activation.
Nanorobots could get power directly from the bloodstream. A nanorobot with mounted electrodes could form a battery using the electrolytes found in blood. Another option is to create chemical reactions with blood to burn it for energy. The nanorobot would hold a small supply of chemicals that would become a fuel source when combined with blood.
How Nanorobots Will Work | HowStuffWorks

Appetite testing shows the body needs large numbers of detoxifying chemicals to counteract the energy generating chemicals (vitamin C, L-carnosine, etc). So I am concerned about toxicity.

Apo Sci

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In August 2021 a researcher discovered nanobots in covid vaccines.

In bombshell news pointing to the much-speculated-on presence of nanobots in vaccines, an American medical researcher reports that moving, shifting, self-assembling nano-particulates of possibly Graphene Oxide and/or forming synthetic biology polymers were seen under an optical microscope in a few drops of Moderna vaccine from a freshly-opened vial of Moderna, with pictures as below (please scroll down).
Self-Assembling Nanotech Found in Moderna Vaccine – Ariyana Love (wordpress.com)

Mike Adams discovered nanobots in covid masks and covid test swabs.
April 26th: Covid swabs and masks appear to contain “hooks” and strange fibers that can be inhaled directly into the lungs – NaturalNews.com


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Dear Apo Sci,

Please don't take this the wrong way. Reading through these posts causes me great concern about the state of your mental health. What you've posted here seems colored by powerful paranoia and a significant breakdown in your capacity to discern reality from fantasy.

We here in this community understand the desperation one can feel in the search for an explanation for our ills. It's easy to grab onto any explanation that seems to explain our observations. Chronic, invisible illness causes a great deal of stress, and that can affect our mental health in ways we'd never have imagined back when we were healthy. We can easily find ourselves grabbing onto extreme or irrational theories when our mental health has deteriorated.

While this theory about nanobots is possible, it's highly improbable. I hope you will consider the possibility that, in the course of your physical illness, you have also acquired some mental illness, which is just another type of physical illness (since the brain is part of the body). Please consider seeking help.

Apo Sci

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This is exactly the type of gaslighting tactic they use. Nanobots are sprayed in the chemtrails so they get into the ventilation systems where they settle all over the inside of the room. Per Dr. Giordano it doesn't take many nanobots to cover an area. If possible turn off the ventilation, vacuum the floor and shake sheets and pillows to get them off. People are marked using imaging from their smartphone cameras, routers, dental fillings and implants so they have a body map then the nanobots are activated and are felt as vibrations in the body. The Nanobots are powered by modified electrical fields (utility companies) emanating from the power lines which extend their lifespan from 3 days to 1 week. These nanobots are what allows specific targeting of who they want to kill with the prions. If you are a nonelderly, nondisabled democrat you probably aren't converted however if you are a conservative republican and are vaccinated you die. Expect to see death rates 2x higher among conservative republicans vs democrats in general. The external nanobots can be scrubbed off with a soapy shower, depowered by cutting the electric to a room and blocked by turning off the router and/or using a double folded foil emergency blanket to disrupt the WIFI signal. Be sure to turn off router beamforming to disrupt specific location tracking.

What you are going to see in the next few months is people losing control of their anger as their prion disease progresses, then uncontrolled shaking of the limbs then death.

Consider all of your electronic equipment bugged per the Patriot act. The only safe protection is to use a VPN and encrypt.

The Third Column Dr. Campra did microscopy on the covid vaccines and found nanorouters which they published in research.

If they can't get you on the routers they will vibrate your occipital lobe to piggyback on your vision. They see everything you see. This can be blocked with four layers of aluminum foil as a headband-like shield which blocks the WIFI connection. This allows them to steal passwords and know who you are communicating with.

The nanobots are more advanced. Now they can generate magnetic fields to increase the attractive force to the earth which increases fatigue.

There is also hyperstealth in the chemtrails which makes them disperse faster (contrails are felt to disperse rapidly).

People that post things like the above are often controlled opposition to misinform people.

The bottom line is that unless we do something we are going to be ruled by a small group of New World Order (Illuminati) billionaire tyrants. 40% of them are inherited wealth and very sociopathic.


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I just want you get help before you get yourself institutionalized by acting out on these paranoid delusions. I suspect that it will be a lot harder to get the help you need for your ME/CFS, fibro, or whatever other ailment you have that brought you here in the first place, if you are involuntarily hospitalized. And even if you never get locked up, you're definitely not helping your recovery by living in fear.

If you don't trust me (and clearly you don't), talk to someone who knows and loves you, who you can trust. Tell them about this theory and ask for their honest feedback.


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The bottom line is that unless we do something we are going to be ruled by a small group of New World Order (Illuminati) billionaire tyrants. 40% of them are inherited wealth and very sociopathic.

With this - less the confusion to call them illuminati (enlightened or awakened not to be confused with) - I can fully agree with. There is obviously a world-wide totalitarian overtake initiated the last 2 years from the investment-sector (and who knows how long in the making). No doubt. Also the majority of humanity is completely ignorant about, and still compliant.

With all your other speculations I would still keep open minded.

..then the nanobots are activated and are felt as vibrations in the body.

As far as I can see, these vibrations in the body are the only real sense-impression without speculations. There are very likely other possible causes for it. Decades ago I've done intensive meditative practice in a Burmese forest monastery. Also 4-elements medititation, ie. earth, water, temparature and air, as they are felt as sensation in the body, ie. heavy-light, cohesion, warm-cold, and vibrations (grossly simplified). So with enough meditative training - or I guess other metabolic circumstances too - vibrations can be easily felt everywhere in the body. Now or 2500 years ago, when this meditation practice started.

Even if such nanobots would be introduced at the mass scale you speculate, it would be such a tiny fraction to all the damage already done through all the heavy metals, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers, plasticizers, radioactivity, air pollution etc.. all already widely released in our environment everywhere.

So there is every reason to be concerned for things widely known and nothing done about by the vast part of the population. Less a climate change to warmer temperatures like 5000 years ago, I actually would prefer.

Since one can't change anyone else, the only way out - fitting my personality - was to not comply as much as possible. For example with an non-wasteful modest lifestyle, least toxic products or income, etc.

So there are ways to protect you, your loved one's and your ethics to some extent. In the final analysis, these are the lattest labor pains of the middle ages, and it might indeed mean the end to humanity. The future is still not known by anyone, and might turn out completely unexpected.

Therefore: know what you can't change, change what you personally can, and know the difference. Keep perspective.

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