Activin B is a novel biomarker for CFS/ME diagnosis

Discussion in 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Research' started by Remy, Oct 21, 2017.

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    Fascinating! I will have to look up activins. I currently know nothing about them. I can't access the article at the moment and am impatient to know who the authors are. I'm always curious about whether a research group has a genuine sample set of ME/CFS patients. That they used (or tried to use) the CCC is encouraging in that respect.

    I see they are proposing that activin B vs activin A levels as a biomarker. I'm looking forward to finding out whether this new knowledge might lead to a treatment path or if it is strictly a test.
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    I think I saved the article. Let me know if you want it emailed.
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    This one gives me a good start. Now I have to figure out how activin A and activin B are different. If activin B is largely a marker for inflammation, it may not be a unique marker for ME/CFS. It does not appear they used patients with other inflammatory illnesses as a control yet.

    There appears to be a temporary glitch preventing me from accessing the whole article. If I can't get at it today or tomorrow, I'll ask you to email it to me @Remy. The more detailed report may answer some of my questions.

    So far, this sounds very promising!
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    I take follistatin and before reading this I found it to be beneficial
    to my muscles when doing mild exercise. After a yr on it I developed an adverse reaction where I got a lump and swelling at the injection site. After waiting over 6 mos I am able to take it again. I get it from a holistic/western md. Wondering if anyone else has used it.? I have had me/cfs for 30 years and use alot of chinese herbs, acupuncture & other things to be able to function.