Air hunger / mild breathing issues


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For a while I have noticed non emergency issues with my breathing-

holding my breath unconsciously, usually from pain or stress- won't breath unless I make myself manually, takes a long time to go away

I breathe slower and deeper when I breathe manually, I take less breaths per minute than I should. I feel exhausted from constantly manually making myself breathe.

I did a little search and found an article about a symptom called "air hunger" which is when you feel your body isn't getting enough oxygen from breathing. Its like starving for air. I have this as well. I also feel extremely uncomfortable, like I am suffocating, if I start to breath warm or hot air.

Seems like I might have nerve issues in my lungs, but no way to be sure. Chest xray for intense lung pain last year was clear. Not sure which do to report this to or if I should at all, they will probably think I am crazy or it is just my anxiety.

The way I see it is I have had anxiety all my life, it is pretty consistant. This has never been an issue before now.

Who Me?

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I've just discovered some of my lung crap is histamine. Also some was mycoplasma pneumonia.

Since I've been attacking histamine my breathing is much easier. Abx helped the mpn.

We just have crazy crap issues. Nothing showed up on X-rays or ct with me either. I figured it out on my own.


I have this breathing issue too, my breathing is so shallow, almost non existent, and when i force myself to breath is like the air doesnt go in. In the same time my heart feels very weird, i have crushing sensation on chest and I feel very weak and trembling. On top of it, due to inflamation, my nasal passages are swollen, I also have sept deviation, and this makes breathing even harder.

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