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ANS Rewire Program Works For Bed Bound 11 Year ME/CFS/FM Patient

Slow and stead mind/body work plus some alternative treatments do it for Peter

  1. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

  2. Not dead yet!

    Not dead yet! Well-Known Member

    What's ANS? Autonomic Nervous System? I tried to find out with the FAQ or Peter's website, but details are scant. What exactly is the theory about why this works?
  3. Dan Neuffer

    Dan Neuffer Member

    Thanks for your question, you can read more details about the theory here: https://ansrewire.com/the-science/

    The best way to get your head around it is through the free introductory videos that you can request here: https://ansrewire.com/info request/

    Let me know if you think any specific additional information would be helpful, probably best via the comments in the 4 videos. :)
  4. nanobug

    nanobug Member

    "Probably best", as far as I am concerned, is for you to address people's questions here, on this forum. Your attempt to redirect people to your website (where they can enroll in your program for $397.00) leaves a bad taste in my mouth right off the bat.
  5. Dan Neuffer

    Dan Neuffer Member

    That's OK, it may just not be your cup of tea. :) A lot of effort has been put into giving adequate information for people - including 4 x 30 minute videos, program details pages and FAQs. It's not really practical to reproduce all this on a 1:1 basis on another website. We want people to understand what is involved before enrolling so that they don't expect some sort of miracle cure - the recovery program takes significant commitment and effort. Thanks for understanding.