ANS Rewire Program Works For Bed Bound 11 Year ME/CFS/FM Patient

Slow and stead mind/body work plus some alternative treatments do it for Peter

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  2. Not dead yet!

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    What's ANS? Autonomic Nervous System? I tried to find out with the FAQ or Peter's website, but details are scant. What exactly is the theory about why this works?
  3. Dan Neuffer

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    Thanks for your question, you can read more details about the theory here:

    The best way to get your head around it is through the free introductory videos that you can request here: request/

    Let me know if you think any specific additional information would be helpful, probably best via the comments in the 4 videos. :)
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    "Probably best", as far as I am concerned, is for you to address people's questions here, on this forum. Your attempt to redirect people to your website (where they can enroll in your program for $397.00) leaves a bad taste in my mouth right off the bat.
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    That's OK, it may just not be your cup of tea. :) A lot of effort has been put into giving adequate information for people - including 4 x 30 minute videos, program details pages and FAQs. It's not really practical to reproduce all this on a 1:1 basis on another website. We want people to understand what is involved before enrolling so that they don't expect some sort of miracle cure - the recovery program takes significant commitment and effort. Thanks for understanding.
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  6. Susan Hampson

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    I have started the Annie Hopper program. I have had enough improvements that I am going to Toronto in November for an in person seminar. . It does seem ridiculous that saying certain phrases over and over can actually rewire your brain. However I have had to sleep outside for over a year. I now can sleep indoors. My only other option was to live apart from my family in an rv.

    Prior to this we basically moved out of a moldy house and left all of our belongings behind. After all of this I was improved but still had mini crashes and had to sleep out on my back porch for a year. I still was not with it enough to work at all. I think if I followed Erik Johnson’s avoidance It would work but it just seemed overwhelming and I did not want to leave my family. My younger son has Aspergers and my husband had a pretty severe depression ( better after we got out of the mold).
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  7. Not dead yet!

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    I'm noticing that now that my gluten free life has removed most of the blockages in my life, a bad year for black toxic mold has knocked me out again. Wondering if my house can be remediated enough for me to function. I'm thinking it's better to just move.
  8. Susan Hampson

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    Maybe you can do a sabbatical away from your house. I did 3 weeks in Death Valley.
    I did not have the immediate strong reactions to my house described by Erik Johnson
    But I felt better than I ever had after becoming ill. Felt pretty well for 3 weeks after getting back. Home was moldy .We did remediate and decided to sell it. We needed to sell the home for financial reasons. I earned over half out income and we needed to downsize . It is a long story. I am getting back to 80-90 percent after doing the Dynamic Neural Retraining program for about one month.

    I will post my whole recovery story when I am sure it is not a fluke. I have had a few mini remissions but this one feels more substantial .
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    I know! there's always someone who has the 'cure' but it costs a small fortune! (Rest of post edited because of personal attack)
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  10. Cort

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    Please put yourself in Dan's shoes...He has to support himself and his family. If he's working on ME/CFS that's time he can't spend making money elsewhere - almost certainly a lot more money...... His video course costs are in line with others out there. It's taken hundreds of hours of to do what he's done.

    I don't know why we so often lose track of the fact that people have to support themselves. Dan and his family shouldn't have to be on welfare or getting food stamps in order to help people with ME/CFS. If you feel the cost is too much then request a reduction. His video course cost is peanuts compared to what you would pay for a doctor.

    By the way I know of people who have been helped by Dan's program - it's not fishy! Just because you can't pay for it doesn't mean that its a scam!

    I wonder how many good people who have tried to help out and just walked away because of the anger directed at them.
  11. Cort

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    Good luck Susan! I look forward to hearing more.
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  12. Not dead yet!

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    I can vouch for this. I recently got sticker shock when I looked into Dr. Cheney and Dr. Lapp's practices in NC. I have to respect my finances when choosing a course of treatment.

    I did find a local accupuncturist who uses herbs (and therefore in my opinion is a "real" one. And I'm very impressed by how she brings intuitive insights into accupuncture. She's as close as I can imagine I'll ever get to a central Chinese accupuncturist.

    She also gave me a discount after carefully asking about stresses in my life. I didn't even ask for one and I said that people as skilled as her deserve full payment while I can still afford it.

    Some people really want to help.

    To give some idea of the costs I'm looking at, an accupuncture session costs me $100 or so. An IV with vitamin C and Myer's cocktail (minus bicarb) costs me $200. A visit with one of the classic doctors who treat ME/CFS would cost at least $2000, by the time we're done with labs and etc.

    To see a local functional MD who fixed up my thyroid issues, that was about $250, but I suspect it was because she was just starting out. Average local costs just to see a local functional MD are around $800 for the initial visit. So I'd have to budget around $1200 to get any value out of it.

    I think it's worth it to ask for a reduction in price, anyone who works with ME/CFS patients knows how unlikely we are to have the cash lying around.
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  13. Susan Hampson

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    I am still doing DNRS. However When November came I was really struggling so I
    Bought a tab 400 style travel trailer by Nu camp. I am here ( in my trailer cozy on a snowy night) right now typing this.
    Since sleeping in the trailer I am doing much better. I am about 70% .

    I still hike ( once did 6 miles — no pem) almost daily and do my meditations ( DNRS) in the forest by my house. I decided to forgo the live DNRS session for now. However it is making a difference not as quick as I hoped but I am able to be around “ mold” and am less reactive.

    I am in a vocational rehabilitation program and will be going into the work force part time in the next month or so. This would have been impossible 2 years ago.
    Hopefully someday I will post in your recovery section.

    Not Dead Yet I have been there. I spent thousands of dollars. My family doctor also was willing to try the Pridgen Protochols ( valtrex / Celebrex) which helped ny severe pain ( was on fentanyl patches at on point). I experimented alot myself and studied. Went to alternative doctors . Eventually I hit on the right things to lead me out of this but it took years .
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  14. dejurgen

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    Is an MD the equivalent of what we would call a family doctor? The local doctor you go and see for all sorts of ailments? If so, is that 800 dollars for a sort of intake talk plus first consult and 400 dollars for each following consult? Does that include other thing like medications?
  15. Susan Hampson

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    My family doctor has known me for 15 years. I was a personal friend of her partner when I became ill in 2009.
    My doctor friend distanced herself from me after I became ill. It was very tough and weird because I would still see her ( she was my neighbor) .
    Her partner at the time quit and changed practices ( I never asked why).
    I moved with her partner - was quiet and seemed very sincere and I thought she was a good doctor. She is a gp and her practice takes Medicare. I spent my thousands on a naturopath and alternative meducibe and a me / cfs specialist.
    My me / cfs specialist Dr Podell provided documentation and worked with my lawyer ( for major money) when I tried to get benefits. Health wise did not help me much. Basically figured this out through trial and error on the internet. I do have a medical background but I don’t think that it is necessary.
    Eventually mold avoidance, addressing past traumas ( not psychology) Neural retraining , spending large amount of time in the forest is helping.
  16. Not dead yet!

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    In the US, MD stands for Medical Doctor. Most of them pick a specialty. Internal Medicine is for adult general practice, and Family Medicine is for both children and adults. Those would be what the UK calls "GP" or general practitioner.

    Any other doctor is also an MD as long as they went through medical school and completed their apprenticeships.

    There are now "functional MD" 's who are usually general practitioners but might be from any specialty (gastroenterology, etc..). These don't accept insurance because Insurers require them not only to negotiate on price, but also to meddle in daily decisions. Insurers publish CPGs, clinical practice guidelines (other regulatory agencies do too), and these often gag doctors and bind them to specific actions that the doctor may not agree with.

    I think functional medicine started up around the same time as we completed the Human Genome Project. There was so much new medical data, and so little of it was filtered through the education process given to doctors. Many people started saying that clinical practice was falling behind science. And that where clinical practice was being updated, it was done to benefit pharmaceuticals without much regard to helping patients.

    Generally when I have seen a functional medicine doctor, which isn't often, the first visit is long while we cover most of my medical history and then tests are done. The tests and supplements/drugs recommended are a separate cost. So when I said 1200 for the total to get any value, I was referring to 800 for the initial visit and probably around 400 for tests and supplements or drugs.
  17. RebeccaArtist

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    Hi, I'm new, but wanted to say that I have a friend who is now well after working through ANS Rewire. Seeing her well now for over a year gave me the desire to do my own journey into this program. As far as cost, Australian dollars are a lower value than American dollars so the actual price is much lower. $397 AUD is actually $285.04 USD. We have spent thousands of dollars going to a ME/CFS specialist, trying alternative ways of healing, and buying supplements. I just keep getting worse, for the past year I have also struggled with MCAS. I don't want to wait until one more disease is added to the list I have. In the research I have done, I find very positive feedback from those who have gone through the program. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am almost 71, I want to actually live life a few years before it's my time to go!
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  18. Linda in Oz

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    Can anybody who is familiar with both Annie Hopper’s DNRS and the ANS Rewire programs comment on their similarities or differences? I was about to start Annie Hopper’s program and just wonder if they are about the same?
    Thanks, Linda
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  19. CJB

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    Just started Dan's ANS Rewire program. It is very well designed and delivered. I am encouraged. I experienced the sensation of relaxed muscles for the first time in decades.

    Considering what I've spent in the past for supplements alone (that mostly didn't work) , this program is a bargain. Additionally, he offers money back if it's not working for you.

    Thank you, Dan. And thanks, Cort for bringing this to our attention.