Anxiety and Depression and Lack of Sleep


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A couple friends were over today and one friend goes in and out of anxiety and depression and lack of sleep all her life. She knows what I take for sleep, and I have no anxiety and depression so she finally agreed to TRY some of my "stuff" I use for sleep every night and took home 4 tabs of Calms Forte'''.. I have been telling these friends for years what gives me 8-10 good hrs but they just don't hear or try to tough it out....dumb. She has melatonin at home so will take 1/2mg tonight also, so she says.

Key is to take both 1 hr or so before hitting the pillow....

Calms is beneficial for Anxiety and Sleep and hopefully my friend will benefit from this very inexpensive homeopathic.

I also work with B vitamins and have no anxiety at all, nor depression, good thryoid support.



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Success Sleep Report: The first that took 4 tabs of Calms home with her has reported that night she slept close to 10 hrs, the major portion on her couch, she got up and went into bed and slept another 4 hrs give or take.

Last night she slept about 9 hrs, started on couch and got into her bed.

She will continue with the Calms and give me reports....

She body has been sleep deprived...she claims she's never slept more than 6 hrs nightly for years...

Incidentally, we do lose weight with sleep and she struggles with weight issues.

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