Anyone work with DRibose for FM/CFS

Discussion in 'FIbromyalgia and Pain Research' started by jaminhealth, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Abrin

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    Ribose causes a swift release of insulin and a dramatic reduction in blood sugar levels and low blood sugar can make you feel tired.
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  2. IrisRV

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    I tried D-Ribose years ago with no noticeable effect except maybe feeling a bit wired. I just started it again for another trial, but I'm not noticing anything one way or another. I take it with food. I don't think I'd want to try without.

    Am I hearing correctly that people are seeing a noticeable effect within a couple of hours? So if I'm not, it's probably not helping me at all?

    What works a lot better for me is CoQ10.
  3. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    I've just started CoQ10 and I've been having a lot of luck with it as well. :)
  4. IrisRV

    IrisRV Well-Known Member

    I continue to be amazed how different meds and supps can be so helpful for some of us and useless or bad for others. I hope they figure out this damned disease before I die. There's too many interesting puzzles to move on without knowing how some of them worked out.
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  5. Adele

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    I tried D-ribose in very small doses of 1g a day. I felt the boost of energy almost right away. However, on the second day I started having joint paints in the joints that never bothered me before! Also, at night I was having sharp pains all over my skin and my leg muscles got tight and weaker! It was horrible. I stopped taking it and pains went away the next day. I really enjoyed having the energy for D-ribose and tried it again yesterday, very little of it, just 500mg (1/4 spoon!). Again got the energy but also the weird pains. Did anyone else have a similar experience?
  6. Homina

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    When I started using D ribose I got very sleepy I found out later that this was not a bad thing since I am one of those people that when I get over tired I can't sleep D ribose gives me the energy to sleep. I take it before bed.

    I also load up on an empty stomach with D ribose in the morning so I won't deplete myself and will have enough energy in my system to sleep later

    I buy it in bulk and will continue to use it
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  7. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I never had negative issues with Ribose but have NOT taken it for a while, due to money and I take so much...but may get it again.

    A dear friend who deals with CFS/ME uses it all the issues.

    Everyone is different aren't we. jam
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