Anyone work with DRibose for FM/CFS


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I tried D-Ribose years ago with no noticeable effect except maybe feeling a bit wired. I just started it again for another trial, but I'm not noticing anything one way or another. I take it with food. I don't think I'd want to try without.

Am I hearing correctly that people are seeing a noticeable effect within a couple of hours? So if I'm not, it's probably not helping me at all?

What works a lot better for me is CoQ10.


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I've just started CoQ10 and I've been having a lot of luck with it as well. :)
I continue to be amazed how different meds and supps can be so helpful for some of us and useless or bad for others. I hope they figure out this damned disease before I die. There's too many interesting puzzles to move on without knowing how some of them worked out.


I tried D-ribose in very small doses of 1g a day. I felt the boost of energy almost right away. However, on the second day I started having joint paints in the joints that never bothered me before! Also, at night I was having sharp pains all over my skin and my leg muscles got tight and weaker! It was horrible. I stopped taking it and pains went away the next day. I really enjoyed having the energy for D-ribose and tried it again yesterday, very little of it, just 500mg (1/4 spoon!). Again got the energy but also the weird pains. Did anyone else have a similar experience?


When I started using D ribose I got very sleepy I found out later that this was not a bad thing since I am one of those people that when I get over tired I can't sleep D ribose gives me the energy to sleep. I take it before bed.

I also load up on an empty stomach with D ribose in the morning so I won't deplete myself and will have enough energy in my system to sleep later

I buy it in bulk and will continue to use it


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I never had negative issues with Ribose but have NOT taken it for a while, due to money and I take so much...but may get it again.

A dear friend who deals with CFS/ME uses it all the issues.

Everyone is different aren't we. jam


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I'm back to taking it after being off for some yrs, mentioned the history above. I add 1 tsp to my MSM drink in the morning so we'll see if I feel some shifts now back on it.

Any other members have a report on taking Ribose.


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I first read about D-Ribose in Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's book 'From Fatigue To Fantastic. At the time, I was having problems walking. It felt like my 2 legs were bound together by rubber bands, making it difficult to walk. Dr. T recommended taking 3 rounded tsp. a day in divided doses for the first month and then 2 doses daily.
It worked for me within a week, loosening my ligaments and is still working after many years. It is suppose to give you energy and that might have been the reason my legs were not working properly??
I would not do without it! The best price I can find for D-Ribose is from '' a US company.


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I found the thread.
There may be a thread on DRibose and I looked a little but didn't find it.

I first heard of it back in 1999 at a CFS/FM support group and started to take it for a while. It's been an off and on thing and now I'm looking at it again as I'm reading it' recommended for afib and I'm told I have afib, but not wanting to go to the doctors who will have me a ton of their drugs.

So I'm considering Ribose again any thoughts?


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I’m a little late to the thread but I swear by this stuff. If it wasn’t for this I’d still be completely bedbound. Some people don’t seem to be able to tolerate it though and for others it does absolutely nothing.


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I'm going to start with Ribose again and look at bulk supplements, it is pricey. Boy with our new reset world and inflation the price is higher....even with bulk. geeeeezzzz
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Did nothing for me that a spoonful of sugar wouldnt do - very short term and small energy boost. Wasnt worth the money.


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I love d-ribose. It has repaired my sleep. I take it in the morning but it has stopped my intermittent insomnia. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects.

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