Autism, Alzheimer's and vaccines --WHAT - how come we werent told?????


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I've been doing some research on vaccines. Since I feel that a polio vaccine caused an epigenetic shift in both my sister and myself and a friend when we all got the vaccine from the same doctor and were hospitalized and missed months of school. I was about 8 years old. None of the three of us has been extremely well since. We were so sick we could not raise our heads off our pillow. We couldn't walk to the bathroom and we ran a fever for months. There was a big cover up on some vaccines around this time. Polio being one of them. This was back in the 60's. (Yes, I know - I'm dating myself - okay I'm a young 55 - so you don't have to do the math. LOL) But, now days there is an epidemic of autism and alzheimer's. And they give more vaccines at one time than anyone's immune system could possible handle properly. What's that doing to our youth today. This Doctor has some really thought provoking videos. I've enjoyed every one I've watched and that has been a lot of them. I so wish I could see him. I think he for sure is on the right track.

Dr. Bergman on Autism and Alzheimer's

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I do not believe that vaccines are the problem. They save lives - look at polio for instance. Since the vaccine came into being polio has all but disappeared in North America.


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I do not believe. That vaccines are the problem. They save lives - look at polio for instance. Since the vaccine came into being polio has all but disappeared in North America.
Someone sent me a new video today (a doctor) that addresses your comment. Its very disturbing. But it shows with a lot of statistics that the illnesses that vacinnes were developed for were already dropping before the vaccine push. With me and feeling the polio vaccine was a big factor in my (my family and friends) illness - this video shows how the symptoms of polio with stastics was then changed to encephalitis and there was a sharp increase after administration of the polio vaccine. The carriers for these vaccines are aluminum and mercury. This is to make the vaccines cross the blood brain barrier to illict an autoimmune response. Without these heavy metals the response may not even occur. Interestingly when they did trials with placebo response included - they used aluminum which causes a response by anyone injected by it. so it was a flawed study showing false safty. How many of us have been affected by vaccines?

My father later in life, got a flu vacinne and got Guillian Barre from it. He was forever affected by this. Thankfully he could still barely walk and somewhat recovered after IVIG. I myself have Hypogammaglobulinemia. Was this created by overtaxed autoimmune system by vaccines? I may never know. One time I had a doc tell me he had seen with his own eyes a vaccine cause autism. He warned against vaccines for children. Interestingly this video was sent to me by a different doctor. I dont know if she is following my comments on here. But her timing was perfect. Thanks doctor for sending this, if you are reading this.

Please watch this and consider it for not only your sakes but the sakes of innocent children that do not yet have a voice. I know its controversial. But its affected not only my life but others in my famiy and friends. Its for real. I would need some very convincing evidence to change my beliefs about this. I have seen more to convince me of the dangers rather than benefit. And it seems the things that are distributed to promote vaccines are promoted not so much for health but based on scare tactics.


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