Autoimmune patients going into remission with Vit D protocol from brazilian Dr..

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  1. Folk

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    Dr. Cícero Coimbra has created a protocol that he suggests can put into remission all Autoimmune diseases.

    He's a brazilian Neurologist that started his treatment with MS patients and now treats any autoimmune disease with this protocol.

    The odds are high: 95% succes with MS, 100% with Crohn's and the list goes.

    I've spoken with one of his Drs. and the protocol is basically taking 1000 Vit D for each Kg (it's latter regulated by the PHT which will drop as the Vit D goes up), dropping all dairy (cause Vit D opens the door for calcium) and take Vit B2.
    He suggests even for healthy people, 10.000 is the recommended dose and the current recommended dose is way too low.

    There are something like 3 or 4 huge Facebook groups with hundreds of testimonials and I've spoken to some patients who defend the protocol with all their strenght and claimed they're in total remission. There are Drs. all over Brazil doing the prtocol, some in Argentina and now some in Europe. There are testimonials in youtube and even a documentary which I'll add in the end of this post.
    On the other hand conventional neurologists are still skeptical about it and say it can do more harm than good.

    I'm too, still skeptical. But I'm finding each time harder not to believe as it's growing so much and there are so many people who claim to be "cured" by it.

    Documentary with Eng and Spa sub):

    Dr. Coimbra answers questions (with Ita and Eng sub):
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  2. Who Me?

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    I've been taking 10,000 Iu D-3 for years and don't eat dairy

    So does that mean if I add B2 I'll be cured?
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  3. Folk

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    - ME is an autoimmune disease;
    - you add a lot more Vit D, as explained;
    - Dr. Coimbra is right.
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  4. San Diego

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    Only if you weigh 22 pounds. :D

    According to the above, a 100 pound person (45 kg) would need to take 45 x 1,000 somethings (it doesn't say, but I assume IU)
    That's 45,000 IU of D. Prescription strength is 50,000 which is available OTC here.

    @Folk How much B2 is Coimbra recommending?
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    So far, I'm in love with this man lol. He starts the interview by saying :

    "I strongly felt a need to try to help change this idea that neurology is a medical specialty made by brilliant diagnosticians but without any effective treatment available for neurological illnesses." :D
  6. Cort

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    That's amazing - he's literally flooding the body with Vit D. Is anyone having any negative reactions that you can tell?

    Klimas says everyone should be adding D -even if they don't notice anything - because it's so important to the immune system - this guy is something else though.

    I guess you could just slowly work your way and see how it goes.

    Fascinating - thanks for posting that.
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  7. Folk

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    I couldn't find my prescription here but it's not a massive dose. It's probably just a little above the average.

    He explains why it's important at 1:10:00 +- in the second video!
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  8. Folk

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    No Cort, I've never heard or read a single one negative reaction.

    I'll post later the facebook groups, and some youtube patients.
  9. Who Me?

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    I see my NP next week. If there's time I'll bring this up. D3 is cheap so even if you have to buy 10,000 Iu it's ok.

    @sdsu your link is only for 24 capsules. It has to be cheaper elsewhere. I'll hunt.
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  10. Who Me?

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  11. San Diego

    San Diego Well-Known Member

    Caution to those wanting to greatly increase D3. If you intend to go over 10,000 IU per day, which Dr. Coimbra states is a very safe, normal, physiologic dose, you might want to get your PTH (parathyroid hormone) tested.

    Start at 53:34 for his explanation of how he doses according to PTH in order to stay in a safe zone and not risk kidney damage.

    Turns out mine is 16 (range 16 - 54). Glad I checked.
  12. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member
    (here is a doctor from Coimbra's team that records his patients to show their evolution)

    This are some of the groups. If anyone want some specific translation I can help (from portuguese).

    Unfortunatelly no one gets diagnosed with CFS/ME here so it's hard to find about it. I've spoken to one FMS patient who said got 85% better and I've read some FMS testimonials, but also, most Drs. won't diagnose you with FMS they just suggest you might have. The Dr. I spoke to about my case said FMS patients do have amazing results. (I ended up not trying the protocol just in case someone is wondering)

    Edit: Just saw in the youtube link I sent there's a testimonial about Degenerative Peripheral Neuropathy.
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  13. Issie

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    I'm interested in this for vitiligo reasons. He said 35,000 on those patients. I'm assuming that's per day???? Seems really high. I use 10,000 a day and I still don't have my levels up where they need to be. Interesting the B2 connection. I also have neuropathy and Hypogammaglobulinemia. I was offered IVIG, but didn't want to do this. It has the same warnings as a blood transfusion. I'm doing pretty well. But my vitiligo is getting worse and so is my neuropathy. So not quite there yet. Would be great if supplements would correct. But have to be careful because of kidney dysfunction.


    I wish you would interpret it for us. I have a neighbor from Brazil. I'm thinking of having him listen to it.
  14. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Where do you saw 35.000?
    I think the dosage for any autoimmune disease is the same, and it's higher than 35.000 unless you weight 35 kg.

    I forgot to mention he say it's very important to drink lots of water on the protocol. Up to 3 liters a day.
  15. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    It's in the second video above that has English subscript.
  16. LondonPots

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    What a fascinating video! I rushed straight out halfway through to get my 10,000iu on our first t-shirt day this year in UK.

    Thinking about my own situation:
    Am I right in thinking that 10,000iu is equivalent to 250 mcg?
    I can't see anywhere in UK that does PTH testing - where are you guys going for one?
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  17. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    That leaves me out. I hate drinking water.
  18. Folk

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    I have no idea how to make that math, but about PTH is a pretty common test. Try searching for "Parathormone".
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  19. Issie

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    I just remembered something.... There can be a mutation on VDR which has to do with your bodies ability to uptake Vit D correctly. I have it. There have been many POTS people unable to even tolerate Vit D without it making them very ill. If this mutation is there, you have to get the cycle going and unblocked. A lot of the time we have to take teeney tiny amounts of supplements or it makes us sicker. So just a word of caution here. When I tried to up my Vit D with supplementation, in the past - I didnt feel good. But getting in the sun to get it is okay. But here again, I'm handicapped with this because with vitiligo, you have no pigment and can burn within 15 minutes. So I need to address the VDR mutation more aggressively and see if I can up the supplement and the vitiligo get better.

  20. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member


    I'm gonna summarize it for you ok?

    He said his vitilligo started after the loss of his 4 years old son. It was not common in his family. He said he felt a lot of pain (I didn't know vitlligo caused pain...) and went to speciallists who said he would have to live with it. He started the Vit D protocol and in one month saw 80% improvement. He said his face was already totally white before starting it. At 3:13 the doctor then calls attention to his hands that are still with some vitilligo lefovers. He then says it used to be a lot bigger and it's getting smaller. They didn't mention the doses taken.