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  1. Cort

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    I appreciate it...

    You should realize that your default when some disagrees with you is to insult them and you go to that default very quickly :jawdrop: I think we all that to some degree but it's stronger in you - it's very strong in you!

    Watch for any time you start going after the person instead focusing on the issue at hand. Anytime you start responding to THEM instead of objectively and calming focusing on the issue - things are going to go south. In fact, unless you're kind of joking around I might never refer to the person who is actually posting...always focus on the issue.

    That's one idea...

    One practice could be to declare that I am responsible for all the upsets that occur around me and commit to fixing them as quickly. To state that you take responsibility for the Forums running smoothly....That would be a great practice to engage in.

    I promise you that if you change your behavior they will change their behavior....This doesn't mean agreeing with them or kowtowing to what they say - your strength is that you bring a lot of knowledge and ideas to the Forum - we want that - but just not insulting them when you think they are wrong. Calling into question someone's knowledge or approach or commitment automatically creates upsets.

    I assure you that so long as you get along with them they will get along with you. Everyone has their rough spots but by and large everyone gets along on the Forums.
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  2. Who Me?

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    Really croatoan? We are not thinking clearly?

    You want us to change our behavior? Really @Cort I'm not responsible for someone else's behavior and until croatoan takes responsibility for his own actions? IGNORE
  3. Cort

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    I have no idea....I haven't removed anything....and I'm the only one to my knowledge except for Stavya who can..and he's not usually on the Forums .Its a puzzle to me..

    Whoever removed it please let me know who you are and how you did it...

    This is getting weirder by the minute :nailbiting:
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  4. Cort

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    Yavapai has admitted he has blind spots in this area - that he has Asperger's - so its more difficult for him. I request that we take that into account and see if we can work together to make this work.
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  5. Who Me?

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    Ignore is how I make it work. We all have problems. That doesn't mean we can treat people like crap. I won't say more on a public forum
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    Sorry, Cort, I got this thread mixed up with the histamine thread because they both seem to be talking about the same thing.
  7. Sue Stevenson

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    My partner I think has Aspergers. There are quite a few areas that remind me of CFS with Aspergers, such as nervous system running wild. I have gained a bit of an understanding of how bloody hard it is living with the issues that come with it - sensory overload, misinterpretation, people thinking the worst of you, your intention in what you wish to say not expressing itself anywhere like you were intending in your head, so that once again you find yourself on the end of someone's wrath.

    I wouldn't wish Aspergers on anyone.

    @Cort your diplomacy skills are super good. Thank you for this forum. It feels safe here and doubly so after reading this post.
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  8. Issie

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    I second this. Cort!!!

    @Yavapai, I suspected you have Aspergers. It's in my family and even I at times wonder about having a very mild touch of it.

    People with Aspergers tend to not understand why someone else can't understand what they do. One thing I've come to realize is, as I learn, pieces of what I didn't know start to come together and form a whole picture. Until I have that certain piece of the puzzle, nothing comes in focus. It's not that I'm dumb, I just don't have the knowledge to put it together and it be clear.

    To participate in forums, you have to realize not everyone is at the same place in their knowledge. If you want to participate and have in mind to Help others learn what you have learned - then you may need to dummy it down a little for them to understand. At least try to give all pieces of the puzzle - not to technical. I enjoy technical - it challenges my brain and helps me to learn. But not all like the science. They rather have more general information to make the connections. They may not care so much about the pathways and what triggers what and how we get there to tweak it. (I enjoy that myself.) But, would rather get to the bottom line of will this help me.

    Also consider that what we KNOW today, may change tomorrow as knowledge increases. We have to allow for that possibility. I have another "friend" - who I used to research with - who must have thought I was a complete dummy - at least he made me feel that way. But I stuck with him, despite his tantrums and him hurting my feelings, he is a very intelligent and knowledgeable person. I learned alot from him and I consider him a valued friend. I was always challenging him and questioning him - because I wasn't at the place in my knowledge that he was. I look back on some of our emails today and have a light bulb moment because I just got what he was trying to tell me. But, some things I wouldn't budge on. Some things I couldn't prove beyond doubt but felt I was on to something. Guess what - I was. Alot of what I felt played a part is now being studied. It had never been considered in that particular illness - but I felt it was relevant.

    So, Yavapai - just be more patient with people. Dummy it down and make it more general for those that request it. But, please put all the technical stuff and your reasons for coming to your conclusion on there for me. I think I would enjoy learning from you. However, be warned - even I may challenge your statements - either I don't understand or I feel as strongly as you do about my stance on the subject. If we are to allow you you conclusion, you must allow ours.

    People, he can't help having Aspergers. If he could change it, he would have already. Things are literal and rather black and white. There is very little grey. Aspergers people are very sensitive and they too get their feelings hurt easily as it feels like a personal attack - not a subject challenge.

    Cort, again - very nice job!

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  9. Remy

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    Cort banned Yavapai/Croatoan for his nasty personal attacks when what he posted didn't actually hold up to any scrutiny.

    And you may not be able to change having Asperger's, but you are still responsible for civility.
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  10. Issie

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    Agreed, he needs to moderate his actions. Being called on it is a good reminder. We all are accountable for our actions - despite the cause.

  11. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    His attacks went beyond insulting people for questioning what he posted. His comments were vile. He insulted Cort who spoke to him kindly multiple times and blamed him for allowing all the "suck up lackeys" here. (That's a direct quote from the post that got him banned)

  12. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    I want to add IMO he came here with the intention of stirring up trouble. He contacted one of his buddies who had not posted since Croatoan was banned and gave her his new user ID. She immediately started supporting him in his posts and being passive aggressive towards anyone who disagreed with him or her.

    He is gone and oh look she's gone too.
  13. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    I missed all that until later.

    People with Aspergers have problems with social skills. They are able to be more interactive than Autism, but still there is a problem with interactions. Some more prominent than others. I hate that he did what he did, but he has told you that he has issues. And he has been called on the carpet for what he did. Cort allowed him back in, he can have valuable input. You now need to try to put it in the past and go on from today. He needs to try to step back when he has a surge of anger before he speaks. It will be a learning curve for him and it may take time. He may slip up and do something rude again. But it's worth listening to what his conclusions are - if he can present them without expecting us all to agree with him.

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  14. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    Coulda shoulda woulda. If someone disagrees with you, or doesn't "obey" you that does not give you free reign to insult them. He was told all that multiple times publicly and privately and yet he still continued to berate, demean and hurl insults." I am cured and you could be too so you must do what I say so you will be cured and if you don't you're an idiot". That is not the way to get along, on a forum or in life.

    And the worst was that he did it to Cort who was bending over backwards to accommodate him. It was suggested he start a blog so people could read or not. He turned around and ripped Cort everyone within hearing distance, again.

    He's been banned 4 times from 2 different forums in about 6 months. He was given plenty of chances. Forums are not the place for him and until he recognizes that (he seems to have no insight into where he fits) he's going to have problems.

    There are plenty of people here with Aspberger's or other issues. They don't make this place toxic.
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  15. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    I hear you and understand your frustration. I agree Cort is pretty special to those of us that consider him a friend. And we dont like our friends being attacked.

    Life itself is learning process. Some have a harder time "fitting" than others. Doesn't make them less valuable. Just teaches us more lessons in patience, long suffering, kindness, goodness - what the Bible says are the fruitages of the spirit. Sometimes our hardest lessons are learned in conflict. Can be true in both sides of this conflict.

    We don't see things as THEY are,
    We see things as WE are.
    Anais Nin
    One of my favorite sayings. Our perception of reality is based on "our" perception and how WE perceive something to be. May not be the intended perception of the person or situation. Or how IT truly is. In other words - we all see things "our way". The conclusions we draw are based on how "we" take them and what we perceive to be true. But that perception is just as real to the other person on the flip side of the coin. They are just as right and true in their perception of their reality.

    But, I agree we have to be accountable for our own action. One thing that gets most of us in the most trouble is our tongue and how or what we say. So many times I wish I could have said or rephrased something. Afraid I offended someone. Not that what I said was wrong, just maybe I said it to plainly or shouldn't have said it - even though good intentions were meant. I think probably everyone at some point in their life is guilty of that. I hope people forgive me....therefore, I try to forgive others. At the very least, I try to go past my thoughts and feelings and try to see their perceptions. I may not agree with them.....but at least I can try to gleen something of value from a different perspective.
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  16. Rachel Riggs

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    @Who Me?

    I just found this thread after a search on B6 and noticed your comment on dosing. I just wanted to let you know that I've found a 25mg capsule of P5P from Seeking Health. If you have any new thoughts on P5P, I would appreciate you sharing them, I just started taking it - thanks!!

    LINK to Seeking Health P5P:

  17. Carl#1

    Carl#1 Member

    Another option to consider is P5P powder. The dosage can then be adjusted if you get a milligram scale. Such scales, the inexpensive ones, tend to read from around 8mg as a minimum amount so anything above that can be measured. Weighing a larger amount and splitting it up and then mixing with some other powder such as medium chain cellulose powder so that it fills a capsule. I purchased an encapsulation machine fairly cheaply on eBay which cost me less than £20 and now they are about half what I paid @£8.89. Mine is like the following which works well providing the retaining sheet is placed the correct way up which is not easy to work out and the last time I used it it broke many capsules because I got it upside down. I have made a note of that now so it should not happen next time I use it. You would probably need a size 5 capsule which tend to be more expensive
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  18. Rachel Riggs

    Rachel Riggs Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    Question: P5P gives me a bit of a headache, is that common and likely just a matter of dosing?
  19. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    P5P, 50mg, is used with my tryptophan with my sleep combo...these 2 get me right back to sleep after bathroom wake up calls.

    My antioxidants keep me from headaches, haven't had one for decades...I'm talking about Grape Seed Extract and Vit C.
  20. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    I'm finding a combo of P5P and Zinc to help with sleep. Tried leaving off P5P to see if my neuropathy was better without it. It actually got worse without it. So back on it. It also can cause dreaming, so be aware.