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    Why B6 is important

    The dosages recommended are way lower than what you can find which means lots of splitting. I have 50 mgs P-5-P tablets

    Alison Vickery

    March 24, 2015 • 20 comments
    Why Your Vitamin B6 Level Is Important

    "Vitamin B6 is a cluster of compounds (not just one) that is a co-factor in over 100 biochemical reactions in the body which is why your Vitamin B6 level is important.

    Here are just a few of the things that studies show that it does for you:

    • Increases diamine oxidase plasma levels.
    • Degrading glutamates and MSG.
    • Metabolises proteins.
    • Reduces oxalate levels
    • Inhibits the degranulation of mast-cells.
    • Moderates cortisol levels.
    • Regulates blood sugar levels and glucose tolerance.
    • Converts ALA to DHA.
    • Acts as a potent anti-oxidant.
    • Synthesises neurotransmitters; serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, and norepinephrine.
    • Relieves PMS, dermatitis, mosquito bites, irritability, depression, and short-term memory issues."

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    Pyridoxine metabolism is highly dependent on several other vitamin cofactors. You might not be deficient in B6, but could be deficient in B2, Zinc, Molybdenum, or Magnesium.

    I have seen no evidence that fungal infections cause B6 deficiency.

    Here is the B6 metabolism pathway:
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    According to Dr William Shaw, candida produces arabinose as a byproduct which competes for the same enzyme sites as B6 which then creates a functional deficiency.
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    I do not know DR Shaw. But I saw no research that shows arabinose competes for B6 in enzymatic reactions. I do not know how that would even happen chemically since one is a sugar and the other is not. But I can see how they might think it would happen.

    But all I can find is that candida does not produce arabinose, it seems to use arabinose rather than make it.

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    Ok, that was just an appeal to authority. But not a good authority. Great Plains Laboratory? Really?

    If you can point me to some literature on how arabinose blocks the action of P5P in the body, and how candida produces arabinose, I will take it into account.

    Sorry, but there are a lot of people just saying things these days!
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    Dr Shaw's explanation:

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    Who are you to judge who is a good authority or not? There's nothing wrong with Great Plains laboratory. It's CLIA certified.

    You may dismiss Dr Shaw, fine. But I'm sick to death of people being authoritarian in the name of some sort of fairy tale of "evidence based medicine".
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    Oh please! Do you even understand that!? Quackery hidden by jaw flappers!

    Pentosidine is a biomarker for advanced glycation endproducts, or AGEs. You can get those from eating too much barbecued meat.

    I did find that B6 might help metabolize pentosidine but what does that have to do with arabinose and candida?

    Obfuscation to say the least.
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    I love it when newbies show up, act like authorities and Insult everyone in the process. Great first impression.
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    Sounds a lot like people who are overly dependent on the scientific literature and then use the term "quackery" to describe anything not found in it.

    But here's a few more cites...

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    Do you even know what CLIA certified means? It does not mean the tests they sell mean anything relevant to health at all. That is what they peddle, selling tests to people who are suffering. Sad really.

    I am fine with you believing things based on no evidence, but that is not my way.
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    Who says I am a newbie?
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    That is not a cite. That is from the same webpage that I read already.
    And all those studies are like from pre 1900!

    Don't you see it as a problem that in that same absent of footnoted page they also have links to the tests you can buy from them? Can't you see it is all marketing?

    Are you guys shills for Big Testing?

    You are making a lot of assumptions about me with no evidence. I am beginning to see a pattern.
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    You're a newbie here. Just signed up today.

    And if you bothered to read more of what is going on here you'd see most long timers do reference what they say. @Remy in particular

    It's a turn of to come in guns blazing insulting everyone left and right. I don't understand why the big chip.

    It's not a contest to see who is smarter than everyone else
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    You're the one making a lot of assumptions. Really. Wtf?
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    I have been here in the past so my nick is only new.

    I am not insulting, I am just pointing out factual inaccuracies.
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    Inaccuracies in your opinion.
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    Boy did this thread go south:

    Some suggestions

    Instead of saying that was JUST an appeal to authority (nothing the matter with appealing to authority) and slamming the authority (what is the matter with GPL anyway?)....it would have worked better to say "I don't really trust GPL...)

    The number one guideline or rule for the Forums is that we must find a way to get along with each other...We have to be a community that works - that settles its issues as peaceably as possible...That includes respecting each other and setting as safe a space as possible for people to explore ME/CFS/FM issues.

    We have people with all sorts of levels of understanding. Allowing people to post something that is absolutely wrong without them getting beat up is essential. We have to have room for people to post nonsense, really. What we don't have any room for are people insulting people for their perceived shortcomings.

    We'll end up having a Forum of one if that happens...

    Questioning whether someone understands something is pretty insulting.

    Posting something so Forum members can chew over it and bring new understanding to it is a big part of the Forum... but people have to feel safe enough to post something that they know is going to be dealt with in a respectful manner.

    You can pretty much guarantee that any sentence that starts out "Do you even know....." is not going work. If somebody is worried they're going to be insulted when they post something they're not going to post and people are going to leave and the Forums are going to dry up......

    I am fine with you believing things based on no evidence ....no evidence - that's very insulting...+

    Then asking people if they are shills for anything ....not going to work on these Forums...

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    Yeah, sorry. As I said before, my aspergers makes this form of communication difficult. I am not being insulting to Remy and Who Me is all I can say. I do not think they are thinking clearly is all. Can I say that?

    I never called anyone an idiot. My point in asking if they even understood what Dr. Shaw wrote was that even I did not understand it.

    And thinking that you are smart all the time is just as insulting as thinking everyone else is stupid.

    I hope they can get along with me. I hope they can change their behavior as well.