Bateman Horne Center 2nd Annual Clinician Summit


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Thinking out loud and hoping to gain some insight and opinions.

The Bateman Horne Center is sponsoring the Second ME/CFS Annual Clinician Summit on March 15th and 16th. It appears there will be at least 16 ME/CFS physicians from the U.S. attending the conference. There are several goals of the summit. Once of which is:
  • Advance the ME/CFS research agenda with data, clinical observations, and intuition-based findings from expert practice. This feedback will include recommendations for treatment trials, identification of possible illness subsets, and observations of illness presentation.
I have often wondered how all of this information about a patient and their CFS/ME health history is gathered and organized, or is it? Is it only gathered by the leading ME/CFS specialist? Has gathering such a varied amount of data from such a mysterious illness been accomplished with any other illnesses? With patients experiencing many different etiologies, symptoms and responding to many different treatments is any organization trying to make sense of all the clinical and anecdotal reports? Please chime in with what you know. I just feel the research community is missing a great opportunity by no one taking the bull by the horns. Maybe it is organizationally not possible?

More importantly, does anyone know if Cort is attending this summit? I hope you can Cort. Always get great reports from you. Thank you. : )

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