Benefits of Cryotherapy, includes FM/CFS Discussion


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I know somewhat about this work but never did it. Just recently my grandgirl landed a FT job at an upcoming Alternative Health/Healing business, Next Health, in Century City, CA. So I'm more interested now. The business also does IV's, laser work, red light work and some others and this Cryotherapy chambers. They are around the US and parts of the world and first started in Japan in late 70's.

The benefits of cold shock proteins (and hot shock proteins) are discussed often in the athlete community too. Search for Joe Rogan podcasts and he has a number of intriguing discussions on it with medical researchers, doctors and athletes. Search for Wim Hof method and fibromylgia video of a Belgian who had great results from cold shock and breathing techniques.

There are many variations to the theme and many are thousands of years old. (Primal lifestyle) Finns have the sauna (hot shock) and then a quick jump in the icy water (cold shock). Hot yoga (hot shock). Ice water dips (cold shock) for athletes post game. Cryotherapy (cold shock) shops are popping up all over, and some athletic teams have one in their facility.

Beside the cellular response, hot/cold shock also stimulates deep breathing. And there are many breathing exercise methods, Yoga likely being the most widely known. But, even just plain exercising will get more oxygen into your system and more blood flow. It all helps with oxygenation (feed your mitochondria), improved blood flow, heart rate variability, autonomic nervous improvement, etc.


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Many can no longer do aggressive exercise, myself being one. I do 30-40 minutes of stretching every morning and then some thru out the day.

Reading that there is localized cryo work available too. I'm looking into I believe. I live with a damaged knee and "maybe" this will help, lots of inflammation and pain.


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Here is what the Penguin machine looks like and what it offers:

If this Cryo work does what they say, great, and it's affordable in the scheme of it all.

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