BINGO Positive Enterovirus what next?????

kevin Feldman

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It sounds as if you are one of the pour souls on the "dark side" ( that means lights out, bedbound, silence). Have you ever seen this ?i think I posted it yesterday....just riveting -that father is one of our best researcchers at Stanfrd Ron Davis ...
You must be in the UK to post so early? yet

Nope, in Atlanta. 'Time?'...and adaptation to accommodate... .

I’m outta here after this last response, hopefully for clarifications. I only have that metaphorical dollar a day to spend and thinking though appropriate reasoning can eat up a chunk of it.

As far as ‘…bedbound, poor soul… .’ If we met at the same event, you wouldn’t know I had CFS (all inclusive moniker for ease of reference) and I wouldn’t tell you unless it was necessary for some practical reason. I’m not at all sick-ike, and far from intentionally projecting it, even though I’m so far removed from pre-CFS functioning I don’t remember whether or not ’up time’ was better then or now, when I can contemplate it fully!

Much older than you, I still enjoy a good romp when the romping is possible and available, be it in a hot Porsche
or getting off a hot porch… ,)

As for the video, I haven’t watched such a belabored piece since CFS, A Living Hell’ circa 1990. I see this kind of stuff
as tools - necessary for some purposes, like raising funds, informing the unaware or the persuading the non-believers. They can also have precisely the opposite intended effect and piss people off: ‘…there go those wining unemployed xyz's again… .’

Years ago there was a billboard on an Aussie beach, paraphrased ‘Ah, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', captioned over a photo of a suntanned hot babe sipping her drink while lying on the sunny beach. Of course, public opinion rightly got it removed, but it did reflect some underpinning mindsets, unfortunately still around but less so. This is one good case for using videos like this one - get ‘em by the balls and their hearts will follow.

Otherwise, I find PWCs dwelling on the stuff we knew long ago or overly discussing their/our impaired state has negative effects, is depressing and maybe even contributes to a self sustaining degree of morbidity (somatization). It’s like people with one eye moping over all the things only the fully sighted can do, e.g. flying, racing motorcycles or other depth perception activities; or, like hanging around a barber shop - sooner or later the hanger-on is going to get a hair cut.

Adapting to a condition (illness) one can’t change today can still open new doors. If one leg is shorter than the other there are crutches to help one get around. For symptom relief for systemic illnesses any number of ethical pharmaceuticals can help; as can botanicals. As for whether or not to complain about the glass being half empty or to celebrate its being half full, well that’s a state of mind we cultivate, even rewire. It’s where we live most of our lives, whether one foot after the other or vicariously through the experiences of others.

Later, and good luck in rewiring.:cyclops:

kevin Feldman

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Good for you sir. Much older? What age did you blow your fuse? All of the studies I read have the mean and avg ages 20 years younger than me. So what the hell is 57 year old doing joining you youngsters ?? Today was alotta fun getting my monthly fix of Plasma and processed antibodies ( HYquivia). Quite an event pumping 400ml of hyquiva thru a tiny subq pin into a pinch of belly fat. Too much pools into a ball on the left so you balance it out on the right. At about 160 ml per hour your done in 2.5 hrs. This is my 4th run and I still get that complete smash-crash meltdown after. Take the obligitory crash nap, run to the lav after to squirt out some of that excesive 400ml. Pretty wasted rest of the day. Had a funny today-get a call from my PA at INIM asking if it is Ok to give my tel number to a researcher at UM doing a study on CSF and "couples". I think they call a few times a month and interview you over the phone. I said Ok and told my wife. I don't want to skew the results as she doesn't know squat about CSF and doesnt want to. I don't blame her. She doesn't even squint when I walk past bent over waddling like quasimodo or down on all 4s crawling slow like a turtle. I think she thinks its just the same antics as I was pre-CFS. Anyway, I hope the study is structured so she doesn't have a platform for spewing her drivel about life with Kevin. Anyhow anything for Science . Maybe it will be a new thing we can do together since we don't do anything together anymore.
By the way does anyone know if we can take anti-biotics? My derm gave me some because couple of my leg biopsies are infecting. Yes, when I got sick I built my "centcom/batcave" in the garage. Its all decked out -quite a Hi-tech meditation palace to sulk about this mess..I will never accept it

kevin Feldman

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This is way out of control-What the hell is all this crap ?I don't even take these anymore!


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