Bitcoin - anyone use it?

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I've known about Bitcoin. Virtual money. Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) did a piece on it. There are lots of online pharmacies using it now. You can get savings on cost and other perks.

I've read up about it, but it still kind of baffles me. Does anyone know about Bitcoin that can dumb it down? I do know from what i've read that there are places in the US, Australia has it's own place to buy Bitcoins, you need a wallet etc. I think it's something that is going to be a big part of online ordering.



I got a wallet (Electrum!) But it seems impossible to fund it with a credit card and I don't feel super comfortable handing over bank details and driver's license copies to strangers on the web unfortunately. I know people use this successfully but I find it fraught with the potential for identity theft.

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I have to rewatch Morgan Spurlock's show. From what I remember it's kind of like buying stock.


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My 2 cents.... Don't go there! My husband's computer got hijacked by ransom ware recently and he had to use bitcoins to pay the pirates. He couldn't get his files back until he paid them for an unencryption key.

So he did the Bitcoin thing and the "bank" he used charged him 25% as a transaction fee. Unbeknownst to him until AFTER they took his money. And then his "wallet" was "cold" for over a week so he couldn't access the Bitcoin he had purchased. And of course the ransom ware pirates then wanted to double the ransom because he hadn't paid it yet!

Suffice it to say the Bitcoin thing seems highly shady. If you are dealing with an organization asking for bitcoins, a volatile and untraceable currency, you need to question whether you'd be getting what you are paying for. It could be an unscrupulous transaction as to the quality of the drug, as well as getting robbed by crooked banks with hidden transaction fees.

Bitcoin exchange rates seem to fluctuate wildly (even over weeks/months) and there doesn't seem to be any accountability. This was our first and hopefully last encounter with what seems to be a rather dark and shady underworld. Be careful!!!


It could be an unscrupulous transaction as to the quality of the drug
This is very certainly 100% true and a risk with all online purchases.

However, Russia took a different tack than the US/Europe did in terms of trying to treat infection via raising interferon and other cytokines to fight infection vs immunity via vaccines. They have meds that are virtually side effect free and could be extremely helpful in MECFS like cycloferon. We can see from the literature that they might have benefit but have no way to trial them for the most part other than the Internet. It's so frustrating!

If I was able to travel like that, Russia/Eastern Europe would be first on my list for medical vacation.

Antibiot Khimioter. 2014;59(3-4):22-9.
[Cycloferon and management of herpes virus infection].

[Article in Russian]
Alimbarova LM.

The treatment of patients with various forms of herpes requires a complex approach with using chemo- and immunotropic drugs. The use of Cycloferon, an interferon inductor (12.5% injection solution, 150 mg tablets or 5% liniment) was shown efficient. It had antiviral and immunotropic action in the mono- and combination therapy of herpes simplex of the skin and mucosa, genital herpes, ophthalmoherpes, herpes zoster, infectious mononucleosis. Cycloferon lowered the level and period of the disease clinical signs, prolonged the remission, corrected the immunity shifts, prevented the complications. The results of the study presented a conclusive proof for recommending such a use of Cycloferon in wide medical practice.
[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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It said $400 something on the sites I was on...

Yes it was something older I was looking at. The price flucuates.

You are also right about the Russians and how they treat us. They have no problem giving people immunoglobulin but don't like to Rx antivirals.

I've taken cycloferon and I didn't notice much but @Strike me lucky has used it more and has found it helpful I think.


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i have still some coins somewhere but i lost the key to unlock the purse, it would take trillions of years to get it back

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